Another beautiful fall weekend in upstate New York.  Saturday we drove North to Burlington, Vermont.  The trees were amazing.  We weren't going to a craft fair or farmer's market for the first time in awhile.  Instead, we were going on a dinner cruise with my work.  It was a lovely evening but a long drive {2 hours and 45 minutes each way}.  We had a chance to walk around Burlington, which was nice, before heading out on the water.  Between the fall colors and the holiday weekend, it was a very crowded town.

Spa City Farmer's Market in Saratoga Springs, NY

our Cobble Hill Farm Apothecary booth's!

Sunday was market day at the park in Saratoga.  Did I tell you we have over 70 vendors in the summer?  It's a large market.  Leaf peepers were out so we met a lot of new people.  The park was beautiful, as always, and dressed up for fall.  It was a little cool so we didn't take the boys with us.  It was actually a perfect fall weekend - slightly cool, not too breezy, and no rain in sight.  The market has continued to stay busy, which is a huge blessing for us.  Last year it dropped off slightly at this point but not this year.  People need their soap, lotion and deodorant!!  We've been told we are to blame for an addiction or two.....{to soap, of course}.

For the business we are gearing up for Holiday shopping season.  We've made our 2016 holiday scented soaps which should be out in a couple of weeks and are going to try and pull together some gift sets.  We continue to try and figure out how to juggle it all - keeping up with the regular items and offering specialty items and sets too.  Once we push through Christmas we'll sit down and try to set a game plan for the next year.  I am trying to be careful on the goal-setting though as we've hit and pushed past all previous business goals we've set in the 3 years we've been up and running.  I guess the old saying of "be careful what you wish for" is true!!

the flowers at the entrance to the Saratoga Spa State Park

I have this coming Friday and Saturday off and a list a mile long of things I'd like to get accomplished.  I know, realistically, I'll be lucky to accomplish a quarter of the list but I'll give it a valiant effort.  Sleeping in both days is priority on the list!

This is the entrance to the state park where our Sunday market is.  Isn't it beautiful?

The Coop Girls are doing well although the blue egg layers have seemed to go on strike.  Their eggs are few and far between......time for another production meeting I guess!  Molting will start to set in for all but the new girls soon.

The garden is officially over for the year.  We had our first frost last night which put an end to the last of the peppers, tomatoes and eggplant.  We have a few hardier herbs hanging on, but that's about it.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend too!!


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What a beautiful market! It's no surprise that you are doing so well. Your products are quality-based and so appealing!
Enjoy your sleeping in time. You deserve it.