Well, it's been quite a crazy couple of weeks.  We've both been sick.  First J, then me, so it feels like it's lasted FOREVER.  Both of us are finally starting to feel better (albeit not sounding better) so things are looking up!

A few weeks ago I kept seeing information about Whole30.  Have you read about this or followed it?  It's similar to Paleo eating, but the idea is to change your diet for 30 days to try and identify which types of food might be reacting poorly in your body.  It excludes the most common food violators (most of them things you LOVE).  You then reintroduce them slowly to find out which foods you may want to consider excluding from your diet going forward.  It's not a new idea, I realize, but I feel like I kept seeing it everywhere I turned which made me ponder whether or not I needed to consider
looking at what I am eating.  For the most part healthy but I could absolutely cut down sugar and carbs.  While cutting them out at this point seems a bit drastic, it did encourage me to cut them down.  Way down.  And you know what?  I've certainly noticed a difference in how I feel.

I'm not a big believer in all of something or none of something else, unless of course you're allergic, so I don't ever foresee myself going paleo (not that there's anything wrong with it - it's just not for me), but I can certainly see how cutting out refined sugars and carb's could be not only medically healthy but physically and mentally healthy too.  I may try the full cut for 30 days at some point, mostly to see if there's something that's possibly acting poorly in my system, but for now I am enjoying figuring out how to manage cooking for one who has no intention of cutting down on any carbs or sugars and for myself who does.  In this process I also cut out dairy for a few days and, upon reintroduction, believe I may have some issues with lactose intolerance.  Ugh.....what a bummer!  I'll do a bit more testing to be sure.

How about you, have you tried the Whole30 or a similar elimination diet?  I'd love to hear how it went for you.

brussels sprouts galore!

our market booth

our market booth
And then there's the weather.  Two weeks ago we had temps in the 70's and then last week we had snow.  Snow!  So, as you can imagine, coughing/sneezing/wheezing/sniffling is being passed around like candy.  Yesterday was a nice day for the market though, so we felt very fortunate about that.  It started raining just as we were packing up.  Perfect timing!

The Coop Girls are doing well.  For some reason they are enjoying mud these days.  All of our past flocks have absolutely hated mud but this crazy flock doesn't mind it at all.  In fact, they are drawn to it!  As long as they continue laying eggs I'll hold my judgment back on playing in the mud.

The 3 boys are doing well.  I was home sick for a couple of half days last week and they thought that was the best thing ever!  I had one in my lap (Ollie), one at my side (Emerson) and one on the back of the couch cuddled into my neck (Jack, of course).  So I was completely uncomfortable but as long as they enjoyed it, well, that's all that mattered.  They didn't mind my constant blowing of my nose so I didn't mind their sleeping all over me.

And did you see their new beds?  They are modeling them in the photos above.  We were at PetSmart and they were on sale.  They have always each had a bed in the backseat of the vehicles to sit in since we first brought them home.  It keeps them seated (for the most part) and they seem to feel more secure having a special bed to sit in on rides.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!


Just the Right Size said...

Staci, I had great luck and actually enjoyed going "carb free" earlier this year. I stuck to a mostly ketogenic diet and both me and my husband lost quite a bit of weight. I realized that I function and feel so much better without flour and sugar, but it's not something I would (or could) sustain completely.

I learned how to eat and cook differently, which I think was the hardest part. There are only so many ways you can cook and eat eggs for breakfast...LOL! I didn't necessarily get bored with the food, or even miss things like pasta, bread, potatoes, sugar, etc., but found it hard to be creative and have as much meal variety.

But like you, I think there is a realistic way to approach this. We now "try" to stick to low carb, but it's hard when yummy things like butternut squash and beets are in season, and I just can't rationalize that those things can be bad for me in moderation. Same with wine! :-)

daisy g said...

I have been tweaking my diet for some time to deal with this chronic fatigue thing that has taken over my life. I'm still working on it, but have cut out dairy completely. That was a bummer after being able to eat it again after 40+ years of thinking I was lactose intolerant and I wasn't. Now I'm thinking it's part of the CFS. I am also using bone broth to heal my gut.
I, like you, believe in moderation. But my health is so far off track right now, and doctors have not been able to diagnose me, so I must do it myself. It's a tedious, puzzling endeavor, but getting one's health back is well worth it.
I wish you the best in your search. May you find a healthy balance. Blessings...

Unknown said...

I woke up in all-over pain everyday for years. I thought I was just getting old.lol I did an allergy elimination diet and I am allergic to wheat and dairy. It was(and still is at times)tough to learn to cook everything from scratch, but whenever I get lazy, or just want what everyone else is having, 3 days later I wake to a painful reminder that it's totallyworth it to do without bread and cheese.
It was definitely worth the three weeks of living on rice and veggies to figure out what my problems were. I never knew I could feel this good.

Cecilia said...

I cut carbs and sugar for a bit (Keto) and the aching and gas went away. I do allow myself some carbs a couple of times a week. Figuring out what to cook can be tedious but well worth the payoff. Good luck!