So, the Holidays are fast approaching which means business gets very very busy.  We've ramped up production , trying to keep up with the shows, market, orders and requests.  It's a great ending to an amazing year.

On another business note, the end of the year means sitting back and reflecting.  We will be looking at shows we want to do/don't want to do, markets we'd like to add or drop, and the product line itself.  Many people give ideas or suggestions throughout the year of items they would like to see us make and carry.  I truly do appreciate the fact that so many are asking little 'ol us to make products because they know and trust our business.  That being said, there is just no possible way for us to do it all.  I'm hoping any of you reading this who have been so kind and generous to share your thoughts understand if you don't see your suggested items make it into the line-up.

new sign for the kitchen

new sign for the dining room - don't pay attention to the still-not-completed trim touch-up painting......
We had a HUGE weekend of sales.  Between shows, online and wholesale, it was quite a weekend.  We did a new (for us) show on Saturday.  A craft show in Saratoga.  We were at the show for less than a half hour when I spotted something I "had" to have.  J went back to the truck to get the second load while I started setting up, and in the aisle over was THE sign I've been looking for.  The perfect one for the dining room.  Don't you love when that happens?  I was so happy I remembered to bring my debit card!  (J was too.....lol)  I loved it so much I bought 2 signs from them.  It just so happened they had one PERFECT for the kitchen as well!  :-)  Now if only that completed those two rooms.......

For the most part we had a very nice Thanksgiving.  I say "most part" because Ollie was not feeling well.  We tried him on his medication again and lo and behold he reacted poorly again.  That will be it for the trials on that particular med.  The poor guy refused to eat, was upset and confused, and just shook and wanted to be held and his tummy rubbed.  So that's how I spent my Thursday night and Friday.  Comforting the poor little thing.

The Coop Girls are doing well.  Some of them are in molt, some of them are through the molt and some have yet to start.  This is actually great because egg production is still decent with them not in molt all at the same time.

As you can see from the photos, they love kale.  They are out of love with pumpkins as of recently, but have found a new love of leafy greens.  When they receive the entire kale "flower" they get about 2 days of enjoyment from it before it's stripped completely clean.

They are appreciative of the mild temps as of late.  They are in so much better moods when there is no ice or snow on the ground.  Funny, they are.  Very much like us - the weather can set the mood for the day.

Speaking of moods, there's likely won't be too terribly good in the next few months when we add a few littles to the group.  Yup - chicks will be coming in the early Spring.  We've got to get back on track with staggering them so we aren't without eggs.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend!!

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daisy g said...

So happy for you! Sounds like you just keep doing better and better with your wonderful products. I may have to place my order after the holidays...

Hope Oliver is feeling better. Poor thing.
Enjoy your weekend!