We finally removed the Fall décor after taking this photo.  :)

This poor tree was damaged again by the last ice storm.  We now are helping it out with a little bracing.

We have snow!!  Technically we already had a couple of inches, but now we've added about 5 more so we definitely have snow!  It adds to the Holiday feel.  Last year was too warm to feel like Christmas so this year, although the days are racing by, it at least feels like it's coming.

On that note, it's going to be a chilly week in these parts.  Some snow and mixed precipitation and then a drop in temps for the end of the week.  Saturday we have a show in town but right now they're saying we may get hit with a big snowstorm.  We shall see if that story changes at all.

I finally removed my outdoor fall décor this weekend.  Nothing like waiting until the next holiday..... 
You know how you get so used to seeing something that you completely forget the moment has passed?  That's where I'm at.

I've been absent in this space because J and I have been sick.  Again!  For 2 months now we've been sick and I'm so over it I cannot even tell you how frustrating it is.  Two weeks ago he started getting sick again and I knew last weekend when we would be in the truck together for 2 hours I would end up getting it again too.  Yup.  By Sunday sinus infection #2 had begun.  Ugh.....  I am finally on the mend (again) and am bound and determined that I'm done with being sick for a full year.

We have shows this Saturday and Sunday as well as next Friday and then we are officially off for 2 weeks!  (from shows at least)  Woo hoo!!  This never happens so we'll be enjoying it while it lasts.  We've been invited to the National (Horse) Racing Museum for their arts festival on Saturday.  It's a beautiful museum and it's a day of free admission to the public so it's a perfect stop for last minute holiday shopping.  Sunday we have our market and then next Friday, because Christmas is on Sunday, we'll have a holiday market in the evening.  I'm excited - I think it will be great!  Hot Cocoa and Coffee, characters for the kiddos and caroling throughout will set the tone and make it festive.  Many vendors (including us) will offer discounts, freebies or deals.

The Coop Girls were doing an amazing job of egg laying, until yesterday.  I'm not sure why yesterday, but we were down to 1 egg.  Out of 21 chickens we had 1 egg!  Hmmmm......

I'm reading a new book this week.  It's called Blessing The Hands That Feed Us: Lessons Learned From a 10 Mile Diet by Vicki Robin.  I'm really enjoying it!  Fingers crossed I'll be able to delve back into it next weekend and finish it up.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!

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daisy g said...

Wow, you've got a lot going on! Sorry to hear you and J have been sick. Hoping you are both on the mend and stay that way!

The markets sound like the perfect place to find everything for the special people in one's life. Here's hoping that snowstorm stays away.

We will be moving north at the end of the month. I am so grateful to you for all of your encouragement and I always think of you and the story you shared about how you found your dream farm. Fingers crossed for us too.

The best of wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Unknown said...

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