There's nothing like posting "weekend" posts at the end of the week......  It was a seasonal weekend last weekend and by seasonal I mean snow, sleet and cold.  It snowed about 4 inches on Saturday.  While it was beautiful, it didn't help us get traffic flow to the show we attended.

We had been invited to participate in an open house at The National Museum of (Horse) Racing here in Saratoga (photos above).  They opened up their doors with free admission for the day and dear old Santa visited the kids in the afternoon.  The museum is absolutely beautiful and they had a great variety of vendors.  It's funny because every single year J and I talk about visiting the museum (we'd never been until Saturday) in the off season since the town is PACKED with horse racing fans in the summer, but it still hadn't happened.  Well, we finally went!  And made money!

Sunday we had our farmer's market.  It was an icy nasty mess in the morning but the afternoon wasn't too bad.  We thought for sure we'd have a very slow day.  We were very very wrong.  My gosh was it busy for us!  We ran out of almost all soap, lotion, and lip balm.  We started out with just over 200 bars of soap in the displays and 2 totes of back stock.  By the end we had maybe 45 or 50 bars left in the displays and zero back stock.  Same with the lotion and lip balm.  Crazy!

It's been a year of absolute gratitude.  Our business continues to surpass any crazy goals we set and the feedback we get is continually kind and supportive.  The animals are (knock on wood for me please....) healthy and our lives are full of simple, small moments that mean the world to us.

The Holidays will be quiet for us which is exactly what we are needing.  We'll spend time with family and friends and take a break from the business for a week.  During that week we'll attempt to make a plan for 2017 (you know how I love lists and plans!).  I'm hoping to get work done on the online store as well.  And get some formula's set for new products.  And get some products photographed for the website.  And, well, I guess it's not technically a break.  lol

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you and your family!

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