Snow Day + Chit Chat

It snowed today.  All day.  We ended up with about 6 inches which isn't bad at all considering it went throughout a majority of the day.  It is absolutely beautiful!  The Coop Girls, as you can imagine, are less than impressed.  Actually, they're just downright angry.  If you don't have chickens you are likely wondering how one knows if a chicken is angry.  Well, they have a distinctive chatter and hum that is full of sarcasm mixed with absolute disgust.   It was heard all day today.

We had a bit of snow last week too but I was home sick (again) and not up to enjoying it.  It was some type of virus that turned into a sinus infection.  And it's hanging on strong!

Being home sick gave me time to think about my general health, changes I've been wanting to make, and to watch documentaries.  Documentaries that had to do with health.  Good old Netflix!  I decided to return to a primarily plant-based diet coupled with whole grains.  I had researched Whole 30 a few months ago (similar to Paleo) and I just couldn't see it being right for me.  So, I stopped eating meat, dairy, processed foods and sugar last week and haven't missed any of them a bit as of yet.  I will still eat fish and seafood, whole grains and some "treats" made with whole grains and honey or maple syrup but primarily my meals will consist of fruits and veggies.  I've had much more energy, don't feel as though I'm missing out on anything, and don't have to adjust meals too much in order to ensure J gets to continue eating what he likes too.

We got our next batch of chicks ordered.  They are scheduled to arrive the second week in April.  I'll be ordering veggie seeds this weekend.  I'll need to purchase a few more fruit trees and vines this Spring as well.

On the homefront we've begun a small redo in the bathroom.  This means that the unfinished dining room, which becomes a catch-all anyway, is full of stuff.  Again.  This drives me slightly crazy, if I'm being honest, and makes me anxious to get it done.  Fingers crossed that happens next week.  We thought we found the last furniture piece for the dining room but nope.  Turns out it wasn't the right piece.  Back to the drawing board!

How about you - have you made any big changes?  Are you prepping for Spring already?


Hannah said...

I actually have a lot of similar things going on at my own house. I have things coming up in my garden already since I'm here in California we have to start very early so that by summer I've got everything established - it just gets far too hot for a lot of plants so some don't make it past July. I have some sunflowers that I'm trying for the first time that are in a seed starter tray that we actually had to move outside day before yesterday because they were going a bit crazy on my kitchen counter.

I have made an incubator from a DIY project I found on Pinterest and have 6 eggs that will hopefully be hatching within the week. This is my first try at the homemade incubator, usually I have broody hens but none of mine are so I had to try something different.

As for big changes, I have decided to transition to a zero waste lifestyle. I had no clue what this meant until about a week ago but was surprised at how simple the transition can be with very little effort on my part. Some things like switching to cloth grocery bags or not using straws or using cloth napkins rather than paper towels I have been doing for a while now so I think that will help a lot. I am posting all about my journey with my city homestead and going green on my blog if you'd like to check it out. :)

I can't wait to see how your bathroom goes and hopefully your dining room will be ready to go here soon.


daisy g said...

So sorry to hear you've been sick. Dietary changes sound like a good way to deal with your health issues. I think that removing dairy will help you a lot with your sinus troubles. I have taken myself off of dairy (except butter) and eat mostly plants and legumes, but some fish. I will be praying that you see some improvements soon.

We've been watching The Weather Channel and they keep talking about upstate NY getting so much snow and I can't help but think about y'all up there. Stay safe!

I hope we will get to see your garden this spring/summer. I know it will be amazing, as always.

Just keep in mind that all the stuff piled up is only temporary. It will be worth it in the end. J certainly keeps busy!

Hope you get to feeling better. Congrats on taking care of yourself.

Rita B Caldwell said...

The snow covered cabin is lovely and I love reading your blog posts!

Unknown said...

Ha! I know the disgusted chicken sound well. We too had snow a few days ago. Yesterday it was 3 degrees out, today it is 52. Go figure. My fiance' and I are working on combining our homes and families. That leaves us with a combined, two adults, three boys (7,7, and 10) 3 dogs, two cats, and 4 chickens on an acre of land in a roughly 900 square foot house. As you can imagine we too are doing lots of remodeling and purging of life. And I agree, anxiety has set in and I am so ready to be done. I have had many remind me though that we need to enjoy the process, it is where we learn the most :)