Weekend {the chicks are here!!}

the chicks are here!!

The chicks are here!!  Seventeen little fuzzballs are hanging out under the heat lamp, eating and drinking all day long.  Ten are staying with us as the newest egg layers and seven are being raised for our beloved pet sitter.  Ours were purchased in an attempt to keep eggs plentiful.  There are a few Ameraucana's, Welsummers, Plymouth Barred Rocks and Wyandotte's.  Blue, green, chocolate brown and brown eggs will be here soon as these girls should be laying by fall, just when the others take a break to molt.  It works out perfectly.

April is here and so is the sun!!  After a couple strong snowstorms the last couple of weeks, it was a welcomed break.  The garden is well rested and ready for a spring clean-up.  Oliver visits it a couple
of times a day hoping each time that some blades of green grass have magically appeared.  He loves nothing more than to lay on his tummy and chew on long blades of grass.  It's odd, I'll admit, and funny too, but the guy loves it.

I'm hoping to have time for cleaning up the garden in the next couple of weeks so we can begin planting by the first weekend in May.  Cold-tolerant plants will go in first with those not so tolerant going in toward the end of May.  My goal this year is to make more time for the garden so it produces a maximum amount.

The Coop Girls are doing well.  They are SUPER EXCITED about the change of weather.  As you know, those girls love them some sun!  They are spending their days digging holes (very deep holes) as they search for worms, and basking in the sunshine.  They keep themselves quite busy.  And they still make time to heckle me if I walk to the garden and return with empty hands.......

Oliver and Emerson have officially taken over the back deck.  Ollie waits all winter long for the day he can sit in the sun and not freeze his bunnies off.  Those days have finally arrived.  You can't convince him to come in until the sun starts to go down.  He won't have any of it.

Treats?  Nope.  Back scratch?  He'll wait until evening for that. Dinner?  Maybe...... it depends on if you throw in a couple of homemade ground turkey meatballs, roasted butternut, or maybe a few chunks of chicken breast.

Jack believes he should be allowed on the deck as well, but he's not.  If he would stay there, that would be one thing.  But he doesn't.  He just can't quite understand the concept of "indoor cat".  Well, I suppose that my first problem is to forget he doesn't believe he's a cat.  He snubs me when I remind him.  You'll be happy to hear that he is still full of trouble as his current hobbies include  sleeping, eating, "helping" me fold clothing, tripping me as I walk up and down the stairs, and  rearranging shoes in our closet.  He's currently obsessed with J's sandals.

I'm finally feeling great!  I spent a couple of weeks fighting off another sinus infection (successfully thanks to a combination of no dairy and adding elderberry syrup, kombucha tea and juiced veggies to my daily routine) because so many people who work in my office were sick.  And at work.  And touching everything.  And passing it around.........

As I mentioned last month, I've given up all dairy and meat.  I can't believe how great my head feels - no congestion!!  I'm not allergic to dairy, I'm allergic to dogs, cats, molds, mildews, and dust, but the lack of dairy has reduced inflammation and reduced congestion.  A win-win for sure!

That's life around here this week!
Hoping you had a lovely weekend as well!!


daisy g said...

So glad you are feeling better.

Looks like things are beginning to get busy (even more than usual) around there. Happy that the warmer weather is there for all to enjoy.

Marsha said...

Yeah for Spring! Chicks are cute. So glad you are feeling better!