It's Spring!!!  A few of the days have felt like summer, however, I'm reminded by the occasional 40 or 50 degree day that it's indeed spring.

The dogs are thrilled with the sunny days.  There's nothing like hanging out on the back deck, sunbathing and supervising the neighbors.  And the Coop Girls love it for the same reasons!  That and supervising my every move in the garden.  They can't seem to understand that the garden isn't producing yet.  Based on the heckling I get, I think they believe I'm holding out on the veggies.....

Saturday it was rumored to rain, however, it was a false alarm which we celebrated by purchasing a pear tree, some more blueberry bushes, and a couple landscaping bushes which will add privacy and color to the yard.  The pear tree is a bartlett pear with 3 other varieties grafted to it.  It will replace the Asian pear tree we lost a couple of years ago.  This will leave us with quite the project for next Saturday - planting 3 blueberry bushes, 1 pear tree, 2 landscape bushes, 3 blackberry bushes (we already had) in addition to carrots, peas, spinach, kale, lettuce and some herbs.

Sunday was a bit chilly.  And rainy.  And we chose to go outside for market day.  It actually wasn't a bad idea since we had quite a few new customers stop in who usually walk by.  Change can be a good thing.  It was also nice to just be outside in the natural light.  We now almost always do a double booth since we have way too much stuff for one.

The Apothecary business is going great!  We increased sales this past winter by almost double which is just amazing.  We ended up cutting back on markets going into this year.  We just don't have time to do anything for fun if we sell at 3 markets plus craft shows, so we've scaled it back for a year to allow ourselves time to catch up.

I'm still eating an almost vegan diet.  I eat seafood on Mondays, because I like it, but other than that, no meat or dairy.  I've also eaten very little sugar and am having no issues at all.  Fruit tastes sweeter now and, as I've mentioned in previous posts, my teeth sensitivity no longer exists.

For the most part, J is eating whatever I make for myself and then I cook or grill meat for him to add to it.  Tomorrow night, for instance, I'm making sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry over rice and I'll also grill a marinated chicken breast for him.  And he enjoys making fun of my mayo that isn't mayo (it's made with chickpea liquid), cheese that isn't cheese (I make it with cashews), and eggs that aren't eggs (again, that amazing chickpea liquid!).  He has enjoyed almost all of the meals (sides for him), and the desserts which have included the Banana Bread Muffin Tops (previous post) and Coconut Chia Pudding.  I avoid most products with soy.  Partly because I would only trust organic soy but also because I just don't buy into the fact that it's that good for you.

Although changing my diet didn't take much effort (I omitted everything at once), what has been my most difficult challenge is to create meal plans that are fulfilling, offer plenty of variety, and don't break the bank.  As you're likely aware, veggies and fruits can be very expensive.  It's taken me some but I'm finally getting it!  I'll start sharing our meal plans again this weekend and more recipes will be added each week.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend as well!


daisy g said...

Everything seems to be humming right along. So glad that you are scaling back a bit on the business to enable some leisure time. It's no surprise that things are selling like hot cakes, your products are quality all the way.

Looking forward to new recipes, as I am still tweaking mine. Glad you are feeling better and that J is supporting your changes. Bee well...

Unknown said...

Do you have any suggestions on how to organically keep pests away from your fruit trees. I have a self-pollinating pear tree and would love to can this year. Well love to learn to can. But first I need to protect the fruit.