Happy Tuesday!

Today is the third day I've been attempting to complete this post.  I am bound and determined to do it this time.  There's just no time in the day - isn't it crazy how it flies right on by?  In fact, I'm amazed that it's June already.  I'm thrilled that at my "day job" I've added a fifth position to my department which I'm currently recruiting for in hopes this gives me a bit of my life back.  I can't wait! 

At our Apothecary business, we've delved right into our busy season although (thankfully) we didn't have much of a slow season this year.

We were able to get quite a bit accomplished this weekend.  There's always an ongoing to-do list! We worked outside around the house and garden all day Saturday, and then had the market on Sunday.

The boys have been helping out a LOT.  You know they are the best darned supervisors I could ever have!  We had some photography to get done on Saturday so they not only supervised but did a little investigating too.  They were bummed to discover we were not photographing our meal.  Soap just doesn't taste as good.....

Our business continues to evolve and this year is no exception.  We are amazed, excited, overwhelmed, and a little fearful at times about where we've been and where we're headed.  This year we're trying to get our feet back underneath us after an explosive 2016, and next year we'll implement even more growth.  We are super excited!

And, of course, the dogs will continue to play an integral role.....

The Coop Girls are doing very well.  They LOVE their time patrolling the property.  You can see from the photos below they were on tick and flea duty.  We gave them their marching orders of clearing the ticks and fleas from the perimeter of the property and they were thrilled to accept the challenge.

They have been very consistent with egg laying which they have been commended for.  J and I were just talking about that the other day as well as commenting that this is the first time in our chicken-raising experience that we've had messy eggs.

There's no nice way to say this......this bunch of girls are slobs.

They find dirt and mud and spend the entire day in it.  Then, when they head off to the nesting boxes, I swear they dance on top of the eggs with their dirty little feet.  We've never experienced anything like it!  Poor Betty (below) is the matriarch of the group and she has given up on trying to get the younger girls to understand the common courtesy of providing clean eggs.

(nothing but fluffy bunnies!!)

And guess who FINALLY got her cedar deck boxes?????  Yup - this girl!

Remember when I was disappointed that J didn't put railings around the lower deck when he built it?  And he and I had the disagreement that (to me) it looked like a patio not a deck?  And then he told me I wasn't getting a railing or anything on the deck?  And then he remembered happy wife = happy life and that I really WAS going to get something to define the area?  And then he and I compromised on cedar deck boxes?

Well they are finally complete!!

And I just planted them full of herbs and veggies this past weekend.

They each hold 4 window box liners.  He built a frame that holds the liners, but has no bottom so they can drain (we put holes in the liners' feet).  They are perfect for spinach, mesclun mix, herbs, etc.

And I also purchased a few deck railing boxes for more herbs.  I think it will be easier to have herbs right outside the kitchen door so I can run out and clip them when I'm cooking rather than having to take a trip out to the garden.

The blueberry plants are LOADED with berries!  If only I can keep Emerson from snacking on them (and the actual plant)......  I'll be using netting to keep the birds, the chipmunks, and the dog away.

I'm also loving succulents these days and planted 2 containers of the cutest little varieties I could find.  They make me smile when I see them.

The new pear tree has pears!  It looks like we'll be getting pears from all 5 varieties that are grafted onto it.  I'm loving this idea of 1 tree with multiple varieties.

The veggie garden is coming along as well.  I decided to take the time to use black plastic "mulch" this year to cut down on the chore of weeding.  The downfall is I can't plant as many plants in the bed because they have to be spaced apart a bit more. We've been getting a tremendous amount of rain so we haven't had to water at all.  That's been a pretty good plus!

We had carrots come back from last fall.  I always look forward to the spring harvest!

That's the synopsis of what's happening in this neck of the woods.
Hoping you had a wonderful weekend as well!!


daisy g said...

Looks like you are as busy as usual. Glad to hear that reinforcements are in the works at your job.
The boys look well. Isn't it wonderful to have such cute supervisors?

Your boxes are beautiful. J is very talented. How great will that be to have your herbs so nearby when cooking?

Nice to hear from you again. Wishing you continued blessings...

Unknown said...

Slightly off topic but how did you get the look of the background your photographing your products on? I want a distressed wood background for food photos and I can't get it to look right. I've tried stains and tea and everything! Tell me your secrets!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thanks so much Daisy!!

JC Carter - thank you!! The board I use is made from a pallet. We just let it naturally age...no staining required. :) I also use our (very) aged wooden picnic table sometimes.