Around The Farm - September

Fall is officially around the corner although based on the temps you would never know it around here.  It's hot.  I am not a fan of the heat and humidity and that's what we're in the midst of currently.  It's been an absolutely beautiful summer (my opinion), mostly because of the lack of the typical warmth.  And now that I long for fall, Mother Nature says "um....not quite yet".


The garden is about done for the season.  We got hit (again) by critters.  Mostly woodchucks and bunnies.  We do need to fence it off, it's just finding time and making it a priority.  I've planted a few cold-weather crops, although I did plant them a bit late so we'll see how they do.  More herbs, lettuce, broccoli and kale.  I guess if the temps stay up this will give them a good start for fall.

Peppers did pretty well this year.  We've put up quite a few gallon size bags
in the freezer.  We ended up going to a u-pick field for winter squash.  Ours got hit by squash bugs and because I didn't take the time to regularly look at the plants, when I finally figured it out, it was too late.  We had a HUGE infestation.  We were able to harvest quite a bit of summer squash but they took out the winter squash and most of the cukes.

The Coop Girls are doing very well.  The newest of the flock are now laying regularly!!  They have not yet fully integrated with the bigger girls though.  It's very funny.  We had sectioned off the coop with chicken wire panels to keep them all separate until they got bigger.  We also built another outdoor run (this makes 3) so that they would have a safe place as they grew.  We took the panels down last month but they have yet to venture to the other side.  Some of the bigger girls have visited the chicks side, although they choose not to stay for too long, but the chicks say "no way" to visiting them.

We've had a pretty busy summer.  Between our farmer's market on Sundays and miscellaneous craft shows on Saturday, and work, product manufacturing, product packaging, bookkeeping, shipping, and keeping up with all things online, let's just say we're keeping out of trouble.

We've discovered a few new (for us) craft shows that were a lot of fun.  There was one at Round Lake, NY that falls in that category.  The crafts were all of high-quality and it was a great crowd.

We enjoy checking out new shows.  The reality is, not all craft shows are ones that make sense to return to year after year.  Crowds change, the other vendors change, the people running it change, and you discover that it's just not the right fit any longer.  We've had 2 fall in this category, so we're always keeping an eye and ear out for potential replacements.

Round Lake, NY
We have some pretty exciting news!  The red outbuilding on our property (shown below) that currently is J's woodworking shop is going to be gutted and renovated into the new Apothecary shop!!  We have an electrician coming in a couple of weeks to upgrade the electrical panels and run new wiring to this building as well as across the other end of the driveway where we will build J's new woodworking shop.  The reason we're taking this building over is because we can run plumbing to it easier.

It will become the space for manufacturing all of our products as well as storing and shipping too!  The electrical, cable and plumbing will be run this year and the actual renovation will happen in the spring.  We are SOOOOOOOO excited!!  I will have my house back again!!!  We continue to grow organically and slowly because it's important to us not to have debt.  So far so good!

Business now picks up for the holidays so our days are filled with soap, lotion, and the like.  Soon enough Christmas will arrive and the hustle and bustle will slow.  We're trying to remember to slow down (at least a little.....) and enjoy the moments.


Ms. Rebecca said...

So exciting to hear about your renovations for your shop! It makes all the difference to have a dedicated space.

Miss B of the Flying VS Farm.

Windy Meadows Farm said...

I'm anxious for cooler temperatures in our part of the Midwest as's been in the 90's for way too long! And I love the little red with envy!