Weekly Meal Plans Are Back!!

I know, I know....it's been a while.  Although I've continued to plan our meals weekly I haven't taken the time to share them.  I'm trying to get back in the swing of things and sharing these posts is part of that.  Thank you to those who have emailed asking for their return!!

So, meal planning has changed a bit for me this year.  Last year my focus was on trying to keep the weekly budget at $60.00 or less.  This year I changed it to trying to do more "local" eating - farmer's markets, our garden, etc.  Next year my focus changes even a bit more.....I'm focused more on freezer meals, using the slow-cooker and/or instant pot, as well as quick & easy meals (1/2 hour start to finish).  I, like all of you, need things simplified.  But we want it to taste good too.  I will absolutely share any recipes that we find fit within this guideline AND taste delicious.  With this, we are still trying to keep everything under budget AND trying to continue to eat as local and healthy as possible.

You've read about my change to a more vegan diet.  This was to help control some health issues.  I continue to eat very little animal products although I do, from time-to-time, have seafood, chicken, butter and/or Parmesan.  You may recall that I had dropped dairy to help control my seasonal allergies (I'm not allergic to dairy at all, rather molds, pollen, dust, dogs, and cats) and it has worked SO WELL!!!  Although there is absolutely positively no good alternative to cream or half & half in coffee (sorry.....you can't get me to buy into the thought that nut milks or coconut milk are fair alternatives....to me they just aren't), I'm learning to deal with it.

I've shared in the past that meal plans are such a time saver!!  They really help both our budget (we aren't eating out as much and we aren't wasting money on groceries purchased that we don't eat) and sanity (I know exactly what I'm cooking each night).

So although I plan our meals monthly, I'll share them weekly.  I'll also share my monthly freezer prep at the end of every month.  Spending a few hours prepping meals and parts of meals for the next month is a real timesaver.  It just takes getting into the habit of doing it.

Meal plans will start this Saturday.

How about you?  Do you use weekly or monthly meal plans?


Marsha said...

I am going dairy free and gluten free, have you tried this creamer? https://www.califiafarms.com/shop-products/creamers?offset=0&limit=40&includeUnavailable

Unknown said...

My husband moved to a vegetarian diet and he eats vegan when it's possible for him to do so. He doesn't stress about it but when he can, he does. He did it for health reasons too and it's been good for him. Meal planning has made it a million times easier though because it's old habit to reach for meat and dairy items.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Ashley - that's exactly what I do!!

Marsha - yes, I use the unsweetened "better half" daily. None of it gives the thickness as cream or 1/2 and 1/2 though...... :)