Change Your Life In 2018 - September Challenge:Be The CEO Of Your Life + Writing Your Personal Mission Statement

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If you’re just joining in, the “Change Your Life In 2018” series is my quest to make some small changes this year.  Rather than setting easily forgotten resolutions I wanted to focus on 12 changes that would help me learn and grow as a person.  I’ve chosen to focus on one change per month so that it could not only become a more manageable goal, but I have a better chance at making these new habits as well.  I hope you’ll join me in the challenge!

It is very easy to go through life somewhat passively - accepting what comes your way and not taking the bull by the horns to try and steer it in another direction.  I'm guilty of this, for sure.  I've always had dreams, goals and wants, but I haven't always taken the responsibility and, I guess, ambition, to try to make them a reality.  And the times that I did decide to take control, I was easily distracted and stumbled when roadblocks were presented (which they ALWAYS are).  What I didn't consciously think about was that I am the only person who can make this happen - I am the only person who can be the CEO of my life.

When you decide to become an active CEO of your life, you take on a mindset to go after the life you desire the most.  To be in charge of the journey.

Let's first look at the definition of a CEO:
a chief executive officer, the highest-ranking person in a company or other institution, ultimately responsible for making managerial decisions.

It's the exact definition of each of us - we are fully and ultimately responsible for making decisions that directly impact our lives.  The key, I believe, is to ensure we are making each and every decision consciously - aware that we do have a choice even when it feels we don't.  At the very least, we have a choice in how we react/respond.

Merriam-Webster also states:
CEOs have four general responsibilities:
1. Optimize Financial Performance.
2. Optimize Overall Strategy.
3. Develop Corporate Culture.
4. Be the Face of the Company. 

How does this relate to being the CEO of your life?
  • Optimize Financial Performance = you are fully responsible for the finances in your life.  You should consciously determine what your financial goals are.  If you are married or have a significant other, yes, both of you are responsible, but you have to make choices and push back when your partner is drifting the wrong way.  
  • Optimize Overall Strategy = determine who you want to be and what you want to achieve so that everything you do benefits that which is your overall strategy.  (remember to remain flexible as this will likely change at least slightly throughout the course of your life)  Do something to work toward your goals daily.
  • Develop Corporate Culture = by always focusing on who you are and where you want to be in life, you can make decisions based on that.  This will enable you to attract things and people into your life who fit the culture you desire.
  • Be The Face Of The Company = the "company" is your life so you are, in fact, the face, however, do you want to be the passive "I wish I could do XY&Z someday" face or do you want to be the take charge "I am going to do XY&Z and am working every day toward that" face?  It doesn't always feel like we have a choice, but the reality is, we always do.  Even if something happens to us that wasn't planned, we have a choice in how we respond.

What Is Your Mission?
I strongly believe that we should all have a well thought out personal mission for our life.  Days and events happen so quickly, it's incredibly difficult to ensure you are making decisions and responding to crisis or roadblocks in a way that continues to help you move forward, toward your dreams and goals.  I also believe it's not just about us - that we should be here on earth to serve someone or something other than ourselves, in some manner.  The easiest way to make sure you are living your life by your personal mission is to write a personal mission statement.

Once you've established your personal mission statement you can determine what to do/not to do when presented with challenges, opportunities, and decisions.  Every decision you make should be made to support your personal mission statement.

i.e. if part of your personal mission statement is to live debt-free, and then you're presented with an AMAZING opportunity to purchase something that is either going to drain your savings, or, require you to take on debt, even if for a short time, taking that opportunity would not be living in support and synchrony with your personal mission statement.

How To Write Your Personal Mission Statement?
As the author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey, says, your mission statement is about “defining the personal, moral and ethical guidelines within which you can most happily express and fulfill yourself.”  

Your mission statement should be full of positive affirmations and be a tool to guide your day-to-day actions and decisions as well as long-term goals.  Some things to consider when developing it are:

  • What is your ideal self?  Who do you want to be?
  • How do you want others to see you?
  • What do you want in life?
  • Who/what do you want to serve and how?
  • What are your talent and/or skills?  What do you enjoy doing?
Writing your personal mission statement isn't something that should be done in one sitting.  It takes introspection, honesty, clarity, and several attempts at writing it in order to achieve a statement that accurately reflects who you are, who you want to be, and who/what you want to serve.  It may take days, weeks or even months!

Review it regularly and remain flexible - revising it as needed.

Now it's your turn!  What are some of your stumbling blocks on being the CEO of your life?  Do you have a personal mission statement?  If so, what other factors did you consider when writing it?

Next month’s topic is: Find Happiness Today

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  1. Hi Staci. I just wanted to thank you for the “how to change your life series. I read and reread those posts when I’m feeling like I I no longer have control. They bring me back and help me focus. Thanks again and please keep writing.

    Pam Thompson

  2. Pam - I am very grateful that you've shared this with me! I'm so happy the series is a help to you. Sometimes it's hard to put yourself out there for the purpose of not only helping myself but hopefully helping another. Thank you!!


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