I'm bringing our "weekend" posts back!  I tried the once-a-month update but you know me, I like to talk which means I also like to write, which means, well.....it could make for a very long post if I wrote everything I wanted to write.  Anyway, we're back to weekly(ish) updates.  😊

Emerson (left), Oliver (right)

Oliver knows Emerson is feeling well and doesn't leave his side
First things first, an update on our sick pup, Emerson.  If you're saying to yourself "what in the heck is wrong with Emerson?", check out the post here.

Thank you very much to those of you who have sent us your well wishes.  It really means a lot to us.

We were SO grateful to have received a call Thursday afternoon offering us a Friday MRI for him.  The (very) unfortunate thing is that the MRI confirmed exactly what was suspected.  Em has a tumor that is in his brain.

We were given 4 choices (in a nutshell):
1. do nothing except continuing meds = lives 1-4 months
2. radiation = very good quality of life for up to a year/year and a half
3. chemotherapy = not as good quality of life for up to a year
4. brain surgery = questionable quality of life but will likely live longer - they would have to remove quite a bit of his brain.

It's awful.  None of them are, of course, "ideal", but it's what we've got.  As we all know, this is the worst part of caring for pets - it's so difficult to see them sick.  The "good" thing is it is believed to be a non-cancerous tumor and they did not find cancer anywhere in his body.

Long story short, we selected SRS - a type of radiation that can pinpoint the tumor and blast that as opposed to spreading the radiation into the surrounding areas.  Emerson had his initial consultation appointment today in Yonkers, NY (a 3 hour drive each way, at minimum) at an animal hospital there that offers this treatment.  That was the closest facility.  He goes back to stay all of next week and will endure 5 days of radiation treatments.  After that we believe all follow-up appointments will be able to be conducted at our local neurologists office.  We hope to give him a very good quality of life and keep him in our life for just a little bit longer.....

Seizures will be an ongoing concern as the tumor will still be in his brain and we haven't a clue what the growth rate is.  So, he will continue on his meds and we will work with his neurologist and his primary doctor to adjust as needed.

We are SO fortunate to have two amazing doctors heading this up.  I cannot recommend them enough - Dr. Bishop with Upstate Veterinary Specialties is our neurologist and Dr. Lori Langdon with Milton Veterinary Hospital is our primary veterinarian.  They are both kind, compassionate, patient, willing to give their honest opinion, and speak to you with respect and without judgement.  (these are not affiliate links - we just really love them and think you will too!)

Emerson is doing well at the moment.  He has gotten a bit of his big personality back, is in better spirits and not quite so confused, and is attached even more closely to us which is ok with us.  He has a few minor struggles, but we believe that once he's adjusted to his meds this won't be an issue.  He has a HUGE appetite thanks in part to the steroids (although he's always had a love of obsession with food).

On to the coop girls...…..
Eggs?  What are eggs?  I feel as though I am forgetting what they are as we are getting hardly any these days.  It's getting darker earlier which I believe is causing them to slow down on laying.  And molting season is just around the corner.  The hope is that the newest girls will be laying soon.

The new girls are so funny.  The Plymouth Barred Rocks are quite brave and they dance amongst the (grouchy) older girls.  This, of course, makes the grouchy girls even grouchier and makes the newbies even happier.  It's quite fun to watch.  They are still, for the most part, staying on different ends of the property and different sides of the coop for now, but they will come together as one flock soon I'm sure.  The brave little Barred Rocks will make sure of that!

It's fall!!!!  I cannot tell you how happy I am for that.  It has been so hot and humid this summer, and since I'm not a fan of heat or humidity, it hasn't been fun.  I was hoping to get cornstalks and pumpkins on the front porch this week but I think it will be next week.

We spent Saturday making products and packaging since we lost time during the week to do so.  We had hoped to get back to working in the yard but that did not happen.  The temps were in the upper 60's both weekend days and it was just beautiful!  In the evenings I curled up on the couch with the dogs.  We even celebrated the cooler temps by pulling out our fluffy blankets.  I read, they slept.  It was the perfect evening.

In the garden: we continue to harvest cukes, peppers, broccoli (from the summer plants!), herbs, green beans, and tomatoes.  Cabbage is almost ready and we haven't yet dug up the potatoes.  I meant to plant garlic but have so far forgotten to purchase some for planting.  Maybe next year.

We didn't get quite the amount of fruit and veggies put away that we'd hoped.  We didn't get to make tomato jam or can crushed tomatoes, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, or jalapenos.  I also don't think I was able to process enough bell peppers for our winter use.  The plants have slowed down considerably so we'll see what we get between now and the first frost.

One of the things I will repeat next year is to grow many of our culinary herbs in boxes that fit on our deck railings.  It was sooooo handy!  And since they were on the deck I remembered to water them, something that is difficult for me when they are in boxes throughout the garden.  I have some more coming up.  Fingers crossed they mature before the temps dip into freezing.

What about you?  How was your weekend?

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daisy g said...

So sorry to hear of Emerson's diagnosis. I don't know if it would be an option, but medicinal marijuana has helped kids with autism who have seizures. And no side effects.

The garden produce is looking lovely! I'm surprised that you had time to plant so much with all you do.

Glad to hear that fall is showing herself up there. That means that we can expect some relief soon.

Enjoy the rest of your week!