Fall has officially arrived!  Woo hoo!!!  It went back to humid for 2 days last week and I just couldn't wait for summer to finally move on.  I know that's awful, to want to hurry into the next season, but it has just been so hot and humid this summer that I couldn't wait for it to be over.

And so it finally is.

The garden has just about retired for the year.  We've received our first frost which gave me the push I needed to harvest most of what was left and call it a season.  I still have kale, cabbage, and a few herbs, but the remainder of what was grown is now in the fridge, freezer, or eaten.

I was not able to take the time to update last month's pantry challenge because of the unexpected health issues with our pups.  We made it through the challenge, purchasing a bag of rolls during the last week, but otherwise, eating solely from the pantry, fridge and freezer.

And I was successful at making more room in the freezers!

Good thing too.  We just purchased 3 blue hubbard squash to roast and then freeze.  That's a good amount of squash!  If you've never tried this type of squash, it is absolutely delicious.  It's creamy and sweet.  The downfall is that they are enormous and hard to cut up.

We love enjoying winter squash used in bread, made into a galette, used in ravioli, and, of course, eaten as plain old roasted squash.

One of the other successes of the pantry challenge is that I know we will be ok getting through winter.  During the months of January through April what money we spend on our business is a whole lot more than the money coming in (because we make a lot of product during our slowest months to sell during the busy seasons).  So, slow time for sales equals not as much income.  The stock in our pantry and freezers will alleviate that worry of getting through those months.

Isn't this the saddest photo ever?  I have to remind myself not to give Emerson any food Monday mornings.  He can't eat for 8 hours prior to his radiation treatment, and he's not real happy about it.  I don't blame him.

Emerson is, for the most part, doing well.  He is currently undergoing his last week of radiation.  You may remember that we were electing the 5 day extremely powerful radiation (SRS).  Unfortunately, Em's tumor was not a good match.  An additional change was that the Boston facility was going to be about 3 weeks out so we ended up going with the Yonkers, NY facility.  Sooooooo….J has been driving Em down every Monday (3 hours each way when traffic is good) and driving down to pick him up every Friday so he can spend the weekend at home.

We had a couple of scares last week.  He came down with an upper respiratory infection and then his doctor determined that he had a stomach ulcer from his steroids that he is on.  He was not doing well at all.  Both have been treated and he is doing much better.  He continues to have some indication that he may be having minor seizures, which of course worries me, so his medications have been adjusted.

And, of course, Oliver has been sick as well.  He has a corneal ulcer that he just can't get to heal.  He's been struggling with it for a month and a half.  The cone of shame makes him hyperventilate, he's depressed because he doesn't understand what's happening with Emmie, and, in true dramatic style, he is attached at my hip.  Literally.  So we've had some rough days as well as nights with little to no sleep, which I expect to continue (unfortunately), until Emmie is home for good on Friday.

**the white thing you see on Oliver's foot in the photo above is a make-do annoyance to keep him from lifting his foot to rub his eye when his cone is off.  He absolutely refuses to walk, eat, drink, or do his business with his cone on.....**

The Coop Girls are officially on winter break.  That means with almost 30 chickens we receive a measly 4-6 eggs per day.  Yup, that's it.  The littles finally started laying but they just started so we can't count on their eggs quite yet.  It's not a huge deal to us, we certainly don't need 4-6 eggs per day, but it's a bummer to our egg customers.  We have a wait list, which is very nice, but having knowledge of that certainly doesn't seem to inspire them to lay more.

So a break it is.

This week we hope to get to cleaning up around the property.  There are leaves (a LOT of leaves) to pick up, the rest of the garden to put to bed, a chicken coop to give a proper fall cleaning to, steps to build for our front porch, and a few other odds and ends.

Hoping you had a wonderful weekend!!!

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daisy g said...

Oh, poor pups. It's so hard to see those you love going through hard times.

What do you do with all of your leaves? Are they used as mulch in the garden?