Look at me remembering to write 2 "weekending" posts in a row!  Well, the scenery hasn't changed much as the snow continues to fall.  In fact it was supposed to snow until around 2 or 3 today but as I write this just after 4, the flakes continue to pile up.  Not one of the animals is happy about it.  I continue to reassure them that we will have spring if they can just hold on a couple more months.

see how neon yellow the batter is?  That's from the Coop Girls egg yolks!

Our weekend was full of fun.  (I say that sarcastically....)  Actually, it wasn't bad.  Cleaning and cooking.  I'm able to do weekly cleaning on Saturday's for a few more months until craft shows start.  And I had a few things I wanted to make.  J has been into having biscotti with morning coffee.  The stuff in the store is ok but has some junk in it.  So, I thought, how hard could it be to make from scratch?  The answer is that it's really easy!  I decided to make 3 types and put most of them in the freezer so he could take some out as needed.  I made plain with almonds, pistachio & cranberries, and chocolate chip & almonds.  He was thrilled!  We both couldn't believe how much more dense they were, which is a good thing.

I also had some bread I wanted to make so I whipped up a couple loaves and then I've been trying to meal prep for the following week on Saturdays or Sundays, so, that was completed too.  Because I make essentially 2 meals for many of the days I like to try and prep as much as possible ahead of time.  Also, on our soapmaking days we are making soap from 7:30a until around 4p so I don't have a lot of time to whip something up.  For those days I plan either quick meals or something I can meal prep the majority of it.  (Tonight it's Chicken Parm, Pasta, & Steamed Broccoli for J and Pasta with Eggplant & Roasted Red Peppers for me).

So, you've been missing Jack's updates, yes?  Well he's been relatively quiet (although still naughty) for some time but not this week.  Since Emmie passed we weren't sure if Jack would be nicer or naughtier to Ollie.  I know you already have the answer to this..... he's very very naughty.  He knows Oliver is deathly afraid of him so he's taunting him constantly.  He's also taking great pride in ambushing him which puts Oliver into a full-out panic attack.

On Saturday, I asked Oliver to follow me into the living room.  I was going to lift him into his bed on the couch so he could supervise me while I cleaned.  Who do you think was in his bed??????

Yup, looking proud as a peacock, isn't he?  He was not only in Oliver's bed, but also next to his "Gronk" (stuffed toy) AND cleaning himself leisurely in the bits of sun shining in.

So then Oliver starts to bark....

And I swear that cat smiled with a big old grin.  He didn't move at all.  Just kept on licking his paws and washing his face.

Oliver was quite upset.  And then he and Jack's very favorite UPS man came and delivered the only thing they can both agree to love -

Yes, a chewy delivery.  I'm assuming your animals also know the excitement of the arrival?  This is the only thing that would get Jack out of Oliver's bed (willingly) so our UPS guy saved the day!!!

The Coop Girls continue to lay 1 1/2 to 2 dozen eggs per day.  This makes for some very happy egg customers.  We are so fortunate that not only do we sell our eggs every week but many are pre-sold to customers who want to make sure they get them week after week.

We cleaned out their coop this weekend.  We've had to do a fairly good clean-out monthly.  It's partly because we have so many girls and partly because many of them do not like to go outside during the snowy or cold days so they stay inside.  And poop.  And poop some more.  Oh, did I say they poop?  They poop a LOT.  And so we make sure to scoop it all out and replenish the wood shavings monthly.  It makes us all happy.

Things are starting to pick up for our business.  This week we begin to prepare for a 3-day show we have coming up in 2 weeks.  We've been participating in the Saratoga Home Show for a few years now and we've not only had great success, but we really enjoy it.  It's a nice change from a farmer's market or craft show and we get to see a lot of our regulars who don't shop the indoor winter market.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend as well!


daisy g said...

Oh, that naughty, naughty Jack. Thank goodness for the UPS man!

It sounds like you are in such a good place right now. So happy that your eggs are selling quickly and that the soap business is booming.

I have been reading a great book I thought you'd like. It's called "Food Pharmacy" and it's all about gut health. There are easy-to-incorporate recipes that I can't wait to try. It's a wonderful resource for those of us trying to get back our health.

Enjoy your week!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Hi Daisy - thank you so much for your wonderful comments. Yes, Jack is something else. :) I will definitely check out that book. Thanks for telling me about it!