You can tell it is still winter not only from the white blanket draping on anything that stands still, and not only from the chilly temps, but also from the sniffles and coughing and congestion.  That's what you will find currently in my home.  And not from me, shockingly enough.  Nope, this time it's the mister who suffers from a winter time treat.  Those sinus infections, and resulting hacking, linger on forever it seems.

We had the home show this weekend.  We set up on Friday and then J manned the booth Friday night (it's usually very slow Friday) while I was at home with Ollie making lunches and dinners for the weekend.  Saturday hours were from 10 to 6 and we were both there, although J left around 2 to go home and rest.  I had his dinner in the refrigerator (Meatball Ziti) complete with reheating instructions so he could easily make himself dinner.  I planned a cold dish for myself so I could eat at the show (Szechuan Noodles & Salad).  And then Sunday was break-down day.  We were open from 10 to 4 and then spent about an hour breaking our spaces down (we do a double booth) and loading it up.  I had made bread before I went to the show so once we were home we could heat up dinner that I'd prepared on Friday and was waiting in the fridge, and then partner that with some fresh homemade bread.  And then we passed out on the couch....

thank goodness for bread machines!

setting up

All-in-all the weekend went well.  We are blessed to do well at the home show each year.  We get to see many of our regular farmer's market customers who stop and shop with us while walking around the show as well as many new converts.  Winter is a fairly slow time for our business (once Christmas is over) so we enjoy picking up the pace a bit for this weekend every year.

This weekend was our first time leaving Oliver home alone and he did pretty good.  Actually the first time was the week prior.  J had a planned medical procedure I needed to take him to, so when I went to bring Oliver to his crate he was confused.  He has always willingly run to his crate when I say the word, with Emerson in tow constantly checking to make sure I've got cookies.  This time Ollie didn't have Emerson in tow so he wasn't sure if I really meant "go to the crate".  Having lost his sidekick really threw him off his game.  He looked at me, head moving from side to side, as he tried to determine if that's really what I said.  It took a few minutes but we finally got it figured out.  So when it was time to crate him again on Friday, although he didn't go running to his crate, he did seem to understand what we were doing.

The temps in general weren't too bad this weekend.  I walked down to a local coffee shop on Saturday.  Although I was bundled up, it was still great to walk and not feel like my face was frozen.  Then on Sunday we had sunshine!!  Real, honest-to-God, sun!  It was fantastic.  (we do today too and it's amazing!)  Ollie even thought (for a second or two) that he would get to spend some time on the deck Sunday morning.  I was trying to convince him it was too cold but the sunshine just kept calling his name.  It didn't take long for him to realize, however, that I was right and his shivering body came running into the house where he plopped right in front of the pellet stove.  The poor guy was pretty disappointed.  Needless to say, he is patiently waiting for spring.

The Coop Girls are not at all happy about more snow falling last night.  They holler and complain every time we open their doors and they are greeted with a white carpet.  But eventually, while complaining, they make their way outside and begin foraging.  They actually found a mole and killed it last week.  I was surprised it surfaced where they could see it.  They weren't sure what to do with it once they killed it so they left it for me to pick up.  How nice of them.....

Today I will be completing the unload of products from the weekend and then re-packing for our farmer's market set-up as well as pulling orders that came in over the weekend.  We are going to try a small farmer's market this week at a local business.  They hold it the first Thursday of every month for their employees, visitors, and anyone from the general public who would like to attend.  We figured since it's not too far away we'd give it a try.

Hoping you had a lovely weekend too!!
Happy March!


daisy g said...

I don't know a soul who isn't ready for spring. Does it seem like winter was longer this year? ;0D

Hope J is feeling better soon. Have you tried elderberry syrup for colds and flu? A lot of folks here swear by it. I am using it as needed, and I think it really helps.

I'm sure your new venue will be worthwhile. Enjoy!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Hi Daisy - yes, it does indeed feel like winter is a bit longer for sure. And a big old yes to the elderberry syrup. I've been taking it too in order to avoid getting sick. It's good stuff!
Thanks so much for stopping by. ;)