Can you believe it's mid-way through May???  Although you wouldn't know it based on the weather we've had (rain, rain, and more rain), you would know it based on the plants.  Our asparagus is here!!!  It's just so delicious when it's freshly picked.  We've been eating it twice a week for 2 weeks now.  Although we've received a LOT of rain at least our temps, for the most part, have been moderate.  Sunday it was freezing (of course, because we were outside at the market all day.....) but Friday was ok and Saturday was beautiful.

Garden: I will mention it again because I'm just so excited, our Asparagus is here and it's delicious!!  We will be adding more to the bed this year after the harvest is complete.  Our apple and pear trees are in bloom giving me hope for a nice bounty in a few months.  Last year we didn't get any pears (we don't spray our trees so production is not consistent) but the year before the trees were loaded!  We have grafted trees with 4-5 different types of pears on each.  I love it because you get smaller amounts of many types.

The blueberry bushes have berries and the blackberry bushes are coming to life.  In the garden beds we have broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, swiss chard, kale, and cucumbers up.  I bought tomato and pepper plants instead of starting them from seed so they are looking nicely as well.  Peas and beans should be poking their heads up the next time we have some sunshine to warm their soil.  I hope to get the herbs planted this weekend (I plant them in deck boxes so they are close to the kitchen).  I planted a bit late so hopefully the heat and humidity holds off a bit this year so I can get a good harvest before their season comes to an end.

Chickens: The Coop Girls are loving all of the springtime bugs.  I've had 3 ticks on me and Oliver has had 2 so we are trying to get them to move around the entire property and eat those darn things.  I started using our bug spray pronto once those creepy crawlies showed themselves.

Egg production is steady.  We are now receiving an average of 13 per day.  Every once in a while we receive 18-20.  I believe they are all returning to their nesting boxes to lay but there's no guarantee.  So far I haven't discovered any around the property but I'm waiting to come across a pile......  Occasionally we get the cutest little tiny eggs.  I'm thinking it's our bantam (we only have one) but I'm not entirely sure.

Oliver: Many of you ask about Oliver - thank you so much!  He is doing good.  He's been happily rolling around outside when we've had sunshine and hanging out wrapped in a blanket on the couch when it's raining.  He's been going to the farmer's market with us although not this past Sunday.  It was just too rainy and cold.  The outdoor market is quite overwhelming for him ( a LOT of stimulation) and in the past when I brought him and Emerson, I would only have them stay for a couple hours and then take the two exhausted guys home.  Now he stays the entire time.

He's a lot more introverted now that he's an only dog-child so while he used to absolutely love having strangers visit he's not so thrilled with it anymore.  I wish he was still outgoing because a lot of people stop to see him.

Jackson: Jack has been (still) a bully toward Ollie.  I wish he'd stop but he really enjoys scaring him so I guess it won't stop anytime soon.  He's demented.... lol.  He adores sitting in open windows and watching any wildlife he can see.  He also (still) loves trying to escape to the great outdoors.  A very bad habit that I wish we could break.

Business: Busy season started this past weekend in years past.  Unfortunately, due to the weather, our busy season hasn't quite begun this year.  While online sales are getting busier our market has been quiet.  It should pick up this weekend, fingers crossed, with the temps anticipated to be mid-70's. We have been making and stockpiling soap, lotion, deodorant and the like and are just starting to bring out our summer scents and products.  What's crazy is we'll start making our fall soaps in 2 months in order to have them available at the start of fall.  Yikes!  At least we'll have 2 months of living in the present season.  😊

Hoping you had a lovely Mother's Day & wonderful weekend!!

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daisy g said...

So much going on there! It sounds like you have a great start on the veggies!

Sending you some North Carolina blue skies...