We have snow!  Again!  It really is beautiful.  We had just about lost all of our previous snow because of the higher than normal temps we've experienced melting it, which left us with mud.  I much prefer the snow.  We woke up Thursday morning to about 3 inches of fresh snow and then we were the recipients of another 5-6 inches on Saturday.

my typical salad

I spent a good portion of Saturday doing some meal prep.  I usually get a bunch of veggies chopped and/or steamed for my salads throughout the week.  I then make up 2 days of full salads and store the rest of the veggies in jars so I can easily make the salads the remainder of the week.  **You can possibly see that I add cold water to the chopped celery and grated carrot.  This helps keep them crunchy and fresh.  **  I also always prep what we'll be eating and drinking on Sunday.  I make cold brew for Jay plus his coffee syrup (organic sugar and water) as well as prep what we'll have for breakfast, make our lunches, and prep Sunday's dinner.  This way, we can easily get ourselves out the door for the farmer's market and then dinner is easy once we're home.  Our Sunday market ended up being cancelled due to the snow today so we are well prepped for a day at home!

I usually also clean all of the eggs on Saturday too.  Thankfully I hadn't started that task before I was told the market would likely be cancelled.  I can find room in the refrigerator for 8-10 dozen eggs for a day, but having them in there all week would have been a real pain.  So, we'll have a lot of eggs to clean next Saturday!  A quick note, in case you're wondering, once you clean the eggs it removed their natural bloom (protectant) so they must then be refrigerated.  They are fine at room temp if that hasn't been removed.

Oliver sleeping soundly, finally!
Grateful - that things are improving with Oliver and Jerkson Jackson.  As noted in the last Weekend post, Oliver is very upset and I still have no idea what happened to push him over the edge, but I believe Jack must have got into Oliver's bed one night and terrorized him.  I'm using (affiliate link) Bach's Rescue Remedy on Jack to try and calm him from constantly targeting Oliver.  (it's ALL THE TIME..... he is either trying to intimidate him by glaring and getting in his face or he's attacking him) It does help, particularly if I remember to give it to him every 4-5 hours,  although it's an uphill battle if I'm being honest.  It's just his personality and who he is.  He LOVES to pick-pick-pick.  Always has.  He's hilarious (when he's not picking), handsome, and a really good cat.  It would be incredibly helpful if he would settle down a bit.

Oliver is temporarily on a bit of prescription medication to help him relax.  It got really bad, and the natural alternatives were taking too long to kick in so I reached out to his vet in desperation.  He was just such a mess and wasn't sleeping (or letting me sleep) for longer than an hour at a time.  He couldn't sit still, constantly jumping/jittery, and was just downright uncomfortable and upset.  And when Jack entered the room, oh boy, he would lose it, clinging to my side and crawling up my leg trying to get picked up (not normal for him at all).  But when we would take him out of the house he was fine - his normal self.  So we knew it had to do with Jack.....  He's always been very anxious and high-strung, so unfortunately it's not completely new, just much worse.  But, he is now doing well and we have even had 3 nights of 8 hours sleep!!!

Loving - cloth alternatives to paper towels.  I have no idea what took me so long to realize that I needed to put a stack of cloth towels in the kitchen.  Mind you, we don't use a lot of paper towels, however, they were still an easy go-to because I didn't keep a stack of cloths in the kitchen so it wasn't so convenient.  At the end of summer last year I finally stuck a stack in the kitchen and my-oh-my, we use hardly any paper towels at all!  One thing I did to stop myself from (out of habit) reaching for paper towels was to put the paper towels in the cupboard or across the kitchen, keeping the cloth towels in my main working area.  This way, they were right where I would normally reach to clean up a spill, wash veggies or fruit, etc. Whether you make your own from scraps or buy towels, the key is in making sure you have a small stack so you don't run out before you've done laundry.

Cooking - last night I made 5-Spice Bourbon Chicken for Jay along with rice and cauliflower with cheese sauce. For me it was a grain bowl.  Tonight it's Shephard's Pie.  The ground beef version for Jay (Cottage Pie, I believe?) and the Vegan (mushroom/corn/carrot/lentil) version for moi.  We will have greens & homemade, super easy, no-knead artisan bread on the side (recipe coming this week).  Lunches were salad (me), grilled cheese sandwich (Jay) and a side of homemade roasted tomato soup (both).

Enjoying - so remember how I shared my favorite teas in a previous weekending post?  Well....I've found a NEW ONE!  I believe I've also shared that I stopped drinking coffee a few months ago.  Once I stopped with coffee I found, when trying to drink it again, that I seem to have some sensitivities to caffeine.  So, I've been drinking decaf from time-to-time.  But, that has changed now.

Celestial Seasonings Tea makes 2 delicious caffeine-free coffee alternatives.  I'm linking to them (affiliate) on Amazon so you can see, but purchase them at your grocery store, they are likely much cheaper.  At Hannaford I was able to purchase them for $2.79/box (they were around $3.30-3.40/box at Whole Foods and the local health food stores).  The Roastaroma is here (features a light cinnamon/allspice combo)  and the Almond Sunset is here (features almond flavoring).  Both are a combination of chicory root, carob, and barley.  It gives the taste and mouthfeel of coffee and I really am loving them with just a hint of oat milk.

Working On - being consistent with one new blog post every Thursday.  I'll try to also write these "weekending" posts every other Sunday.  If I have additional posts or recipes to share, I plan to share those on Tuesdays.  As we come up with and incorporate newer, healthier, recipes into our life I'll try to get them up.   Quite a few of you have emailed requesting more information on a couple of things:  starting our business (a more in-depth look instead of the overview here) and an outline of how we paid off our debt (all but the mortgage) with meal planning.  I am working on both of these plus an add-on to the debt payoff post - a focus on reducing your grocery bill.  I'm thinking about trying to include a month's worth of low cost meal plan ideas/recipes.

Reading - I'm finishing up (affiliate links) The Simple Living Guide and have Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less next up in que.   Have you read either?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

I'm hoping you've had a lovely weekend as well!


Kathy said...

Your bread looks fantastic lovely and golden crust and your cut up veggies ready to go makes it so easy to eat healthy as you say. It's so strange to see snow because we live in a sub-tropical climate and it's very muggy [sticky and hot] today however we have had rain the last 2 days which we are thankful for given there hasn't been much of it lately. Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

Karen said...

Hi Staci, like Kathy I'm also an Aussie reader but I'm from way down south in Melbourne. I love reading your blog and appreciate the time you devote to blogging.
The snow pictures are beautiful and I'm looking forward to your bread recipe. I'm sorry to hear Jack has been terrorising dear little Oliver. We have a big ginger cat called Freddie and he also likes to harass our 14 year old West Highland Terrier. I think being a terrier he can still deal with the cat nastiness. Have a lovely week and stay warm!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thank you so much Kathy and Karen. Karen - happy to hear your pup is able to deal with the cat. It's no fun trying to deal with animals who terrorize each other. :)

daisy g said...

Oh, poor Oliver. I'm sorry to hear that he is having so much trouble.

Yes, I love the idea of the rags in the kitchen. We keep some underneath the sink, but one of our crew still insists on using paper towels...ah well, what can you do?
Our son is actually the one who got me using cloth napkins instead of paper towels years ago. He's a great influence!

That bread is drool-worthy! All of your meals sound so good. I have been doing more meal prep lately and I like the freedom it gives me on the days that I work outside the home.

Not sure that I could give up my coffee, but those teas look like they're worth a try!

Both of those books need to be on my reading list. Thanks for the suggestions.
Enjoy your week!

Windy Meadows Farm said...

The snow looks lovely...while it's only 13 degrees in our part of the Midwest, there's just a dusting of snow. Still waiting to be snowed in! I enjoyed reading someone else is trying to kick the paper towel habit too...I found some homespun cotton dishtowels and stacked them in an old (translation: rusty...that's my style!) egg basket and put it on the counter. Now they're easy to get when I need them. I'm going to settle in and read some of your older posts...time to make changes and get inspired!

Maureen said...

Along with the Rescue Remedy for your poor pup, you can also research Bach remedies for aggressive animals that may help your cat mellow out a bit. We've been successful with this in the past but so many years ago I've forgotten which ones. :<
In process of making your lovely bread recipe atm.:>
You have a warming, centering blog, thank you for it!

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Thank you Daisy! The cloth towels in the kitchen were quite a change in our household for my better half as well. It certainly took time..... I think that's great that your son suggested the change in your own home!

Mary - I love the thought of putting them in an old egg basket. I bet that's beautiful!! So happy you're enjoying some of our posts.

Maureen - thank you! I actually was just researching Bach's products and saw that there are specific ones for specific behaviors. I appreciate you letting me know about it and good to know it has worked for you. So happy you're trying the bread recipe and thank you so much for your lovely compliment. I really appreciate it!