Tuesday's Three


3 little things I'm grateful for today:

1. Ferns!
     I have always loved ferns and my mother used to have a lot of them growing in her gardens back in Washington State.  Her gardens were full of such lush beauty and looked professionally designed.  She always received compliments for them.  So they remind me of her.  I was so excited after we purchased our little homestead and they began popping up in a few different places.  Every year we get a few more that pop up and for that I'm grateful.

2. Spring Flowers (and re-purposing cute cans!)
     Particularly in our zone with long winters I absolutely cannot wait for the colors of spring.  Bringing them indoors makes for cheerfulness in every room.

3. Bees
     I am incredibly grateful for all types of bees including the hardworking bumblebees.  Here's a scary fact:  it is estimated that in North America we are 50% less likely to see a bumblebee then we were prior to 1974.  Yikes!  So when I saw a few in my blooming azalea bush I expressed my gratitude to them and their pollination efforts.

I would love it if you would leave in the comments what 3 little things are you grateful for today!


  1. 1. Today was the first warm day with no wind that we have had so far this Spring on the Central Coast. Loved sitting out in the backyard enjoying it with my husband while our son played in the garden.

    2. Having one of my Kidnergarteners ask about a picture of my dad that hangs in my classroom in a little corner where my desk is. He passed away just over a year ago so it was super special to talk about him!

    3. Seeing all the apple blossoms that seemed to pop out on our favorite Fuji apple tree overnight. Love the look of "pink popcorn"!

    Such a good idea to stop and reflect.....

  2. Spring rains.
    Clean drinking water.
    Hearing the rooster crow each morning.

  3. I'm just seeing this post on Weds. morning, over coffee, and this was such an important read for me. I have been on a long journey of widowhood, and this reminded me that I need to express my gratitude more.

    1. Thank YOU for this blog. It has helped me along my journey of health, healing, and mindfulness.
    2. I am grateful for the friendships that I have, for they sustain and encourage me, and help me grow. Like, my friend split some of her perennials a week or so back and offered them to me for my garden, which had been neglected since I moved here. It has not been my priority, and the Association's supposed to do it (they maintain what's there, not re-plant what dies). Not only did she save me some bucks, she brought them over, brought her spade, hand tools, gloves, etc. (I sold all my yard tools when I moved from single-family to a townhome), and helped me plant them. Now it's up to me to nurture them as they take root, and be appreciative of the accomplishment and the beauty she helped add to my life.
    3. My family and how we were raised. Yes, we argue, but we always come together when someone needs support. I am thankful to still have my mom (though not as vibrant and sharp as she was a year ago), and that we can gather this weekend to help her with some household things and honor her. And, I'm thankful for my brothers-in-law, that they are always available to pitch in when mom's needs require their strength and mechanical abilities. I know so many fractured families, and I am more and more appreciative if the family I have.
    -- Lori K

  4. Jennifer - I love that - pink popcorn. So true!! That's very sweet about one of your students asking about your dad. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Daisy - oh how I miss hearing our rooster crowing.... Thank you for stopping by and sharing!

    Lori - thank you so much! I feel so honored that you've been able to find help in this little old blog. :) I'm really happy about that. It sounds like you've got a wonderful friend! One who knows just what you need with words not needing to be exchanged. And you are so right about your family. Many of us would love to be able to describe our families in the same manner you did! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Thanks for encouraging us to stop, look around, and be grateful...I once read, "someone else is dreaming of what you already have."

    1 - I am also grateful for ferns...I transplanted several from my mother-in-law's garden after she passed away. In the last 3 years they've looked a little ragged, but this year, even with the spring snows, they seem to be stronger than ever...and always remind me of her.

    2-I'm grateful for a 17 year old son who doesn't think he's too old to say, "I love you." each morning when he heads off to school. And for a 20 year old daughter who makes me laugh so hard sometimes I can't catch my breath.

    3 - And for kindred spirits...those who love old things, a slower pace, simple pleasures, and who realize that nothing is more important than home.

    Thanks Staci, for making me take some time to reflect.

  6. Awww...thanks so much Mary! I LOVE that about your son and daughter. So very sweet!!

  7. 1. Birds at the bird feeder & pecking at the suet blocks on the deck. 2. Seeing the sunrise every morning & the sunset each evening from our new (2019) little farm-style house on the hilltop. 3. Little green shoots emerging from the still frigid earth reminding me that growth often happens in the “winters” of life and that it is there we gain strength to face the challenges - and “Spring” WILL ARRIVE AGAIN!

  8. Thank you for sharing VegiChik! LOVE that you are able to enjoy the daily sunrise and sunset.


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