Tuesday's Three


For today's edition we're headed outside!

3 Little Things I'm Grateful For Today:

1. Rain

2. Rain Barrels 
     Used to collect all of that beautiful rain and use it for our garden, chickens, etc.

3.  Our Trees 
     I am so incredibly grateful that our property is shaded by so many trees.  Yes, it makes it more challenging to grow veggies and flowers but all summer long we are absolutely thrilled to enjoy the shade they provide.

What 3 little things are you grateful for today?


  1. Bird watching.
    A comfortable routine.
    Quiet time.

  2. There's something about trees and greenery that makes you feel calm. Your place is looking great.

  3. I appreciate this post...makes me take time to slow down and give thanks. This week I'm grateful for:

    health...do enjoy what I love
    cooler temps...making yard-work so pleasant
    the flash of a bright orange Baltimore oriole...last year was the first time they've ever come to the farm, so thrilled they're back.

  4. Daisy - 3 great ones!

    Thank you Kathy.

    Mary - thank you for sharing! I've never seen a Baltimore oriole in person. I bet they are beautiful!!


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