What We Ate This Week

I absolutely cannot WAIT until I am picking fresh produce from the garden for lunches and dinners.  While I've planted all of the cold-tolerant plants and they are doing very well, it will be some time before we can harvest more then herbs, peas, and asparagus.  But honestly, is there anything better then freshly picked peas or asparagus????  

Sunday 4/25/21
It was taco night!  Jay had ground beef hard tacos with cheese and guacamole and a side of chili cheese tots (air fryer, of course!).  I had sheet pan veggie and bean fajitas with salsa, guacamole and a side salad.

Monday 4/26/21
I completely forgot to take out meat for Jay's dinner.  We made soap all day and then delivered a wholesale order and ran a couple of errands in the evening.  By the time we got home I realized I had nothing thawed and it was dinnertime.  Jay opted for boxed mac & cheese with burger added (I keep cooked burger in the freezer) and a side of asparagus.  I baked one of my frozen (homemade) vegan pizzas and ate a couple of slices with a salad.

Speaking of pizza, I have a new pizza crust recipe I'm using and I love it.  We've always loved our previous homemade crust but I saw a slightly different one on someone's blog and tried it.  I didn't love it but wanted to try it again with a couple changes and that made all the difference for us.  It's my new go-to.  I will try to get the recipe up in the next week!

Tuesday 4/27/21
Jay had grilled BBQ pork tenderloin with smashed baby red potatoes and asparagus.  I had a frozen (homemade) veggie burger, air fryer french fries, asparagus and a side salad.

Wednesday 4/28/21
Jay had hamburger potato casserole (recipe coming this week) which he loves.  I love it because not only is it super easy but frugal as well since you can use less meat!  We had more asparagus to pick so that was his side.

I had a taco salad with buffalo cauliflower I made in our air fryer, black beans, corn, quinoa, and a cilantro balsamic vinegar.

Thursday 4/29/21
Jay had chicken divan casserole (recipe coming soon) which he really likes.  He had that over rice.  For some reason every time I make it he asks "have I had this before?" Then, every time after he eats it (he still doesn't remember it) he says "I really like this!"  I'm not sure why it's forgettable for him since he enjoys it so much but it is.

I liked my taco salad so much that I made another one for dinner Thursday.

Friday 4/30/21
Jay had beef (cubed pot roast) with gravy over mashed potatoes with crispy mushrooms and onions on top and beets on the side.  

We had some broccolini that was hanging around a bit too long and some bits of asparagus from the garden so I decided to defrost a homemade spaghetti sauce we have in the freezer and cook some pasta, broccolini, mushrooms, asparagus, and black beans to go with it.

Saturday 5/1/21
Jay had grilled BBQ chicken thigh quarter with smashed potatoes and asparagus.

I had a big old salad with veggies and fruit that was starting to turn.  Not very exciting but delicious!

And, I forgot to take photos.....

What meals did your family enjoy this past week?


Lori K said...

I tend to plan my menu for the week on Saturday or Sunday morning over coffee, taking into account the grocery store specials for the week. I'll also note any special events, and take that into account when planning. From that menu plan, I'll do my shopping, either Saturday evening or Sunday morning, before the church crowd hits the store -- it seems to be the least crowded time to shop. I may not follow the menu plan completely, but at least I have the ingredients on hand to fix something that (at the time I planned) sounded appetizing. I started planning like this after losing my husband unexpectedly 7 years ago -- I had to eat something to sustain myself, and this way I insured that I was able to make something, anything, to keep myself healthy, without having to scrounge around the kitchen. That plan is still working. Last week's menu included --

Pasta with vegetables (broccoli, carrots, peas) and a salad
Burgers on the grill with roasted potatoes
Italian sausage with peppers and onions, with garlic toast and a salad
Grilled chicken with a rice side and salad
Sausage and green olive pizza with a side salad

-- Lori K

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Lori - I'm so sorry about losing your husband 7 years ago. I commend you on meal planning to make sure you're eating a full meal. Especially if you're only cooking for one person I find it's a bit more challenging to muster up the desire to cook.

I like your thought process that although you may not make what you intended to make, you have the groceries to whip up something new. I LOVE hearing what others eat because it gives me ideas like green olives on pizza....I never even thought of trying that! Now it will be on my mind to try. :)

Thank you so much for sharing!!

Jennifer S. said...

The potato hamburger casserole looks so yummy - can't wait for the recipe! We have also been eating tacos with lots of grilled peppers and onions. So good. Love the flavors of summer starting to show up on our plates. We have been doing more salads and lots of rice dishes, both wild rice and some fried rice chock full of veggies. I like how this limits our meat consumption. I tend to loosely meal plan in my head, taking advantage of leftovers in the fridge, and what is currently on sale. We also grab quite a bit from the deep freeze during the week for lunches. We are teachers so as we wind down our year it's easier to just grab and eat! Also, we don't like to eat those same foods during the summer, so right now is our time to use it up. So glad you are back on the blog more often. Love your posts!

daisy g said...

All of your photos are making me hungry!

Now that I'm only cooking for myself, I don't really plan. I always have canned or fresh beans to use, I just whip up quinoa or rice and a sheet pan of roasted veggies is always made each week for sides. I eat salads daily, so that's easy. I have a variety of go-tos I've gotten from the Downshiftology, Minimalist Baker and My Quiet Kitchen blogs that have just a few ingredients and are quick to make.
I love the freedom of not having to cook for the boys. They are learning to be more self-sufficient.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Jennifer - I too love grilled peppers and onions. And rice dishes - what a great idea to fill the fried rice with veggies! We also change what we eat from fall/winter to summer. Thank you so much!!

Daisy - we are similar on our approaches for our own meals. :) I have a few favorite sauce recipes that I can use with any combination of grains, veg, and beans.