Tuesday's Three


I can't seem to remember to post this on Tuesday so I'm posting on Thursday!

3 Little Things I'm Grateful For Today:

1. A break in the humidity.  Although our temps have been, for the most part, lower than average, the humidity has been around almost daily.  With the break that began yesterday I've been able to get bread and rolls baked, some disappointingly bland peaches roasted with a delicious streusel topping, freshly harvested beets roasted for use this week, and excess green beans and broccoli processed for the freezer.

2. Summer flowers.  Enjoying them both outdoors and bringing some indoors is a highlight of summer.

3. Our thornless blackberry bush.  We've had this bush for 6 years and it hasn't done a thing until this year.  This year it's absolutely BEAUTIFUL and full of berries!  Our friend who gifted it to us sadly passed away last year and I think he is saying "hi" to us by helping it flourish.

I hope this finds you doing well.  What 3 little things are you grateful for today?


  1. Thursdays Three has a ring to it!

    1 - hydrangeas that never seem to stop blooming

    2 - a little roadside stand with all the best berries I can turn into jam

    3 - friends who send cheery, uplifting notes

  2. I love that your friend is saying hi....what a nice sentiment.

  3. Having The Best best friend a gal could ever ask for.

    Our chooks.

    Being an American.

  4. It's very nice of you to share your knowledge through posts. I love to read stories about your experiences. They're very useful and interesting. I am excited to read the next posts. I'm so grateful for all that you've done. Keep plugging.

  5. Your "grateful Tuesdays" are the perfect antidote to the swirl of negativity surrounding us.


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