Tuesday's Three


Heeelllooooo!  I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've remembered to post a Tuesdays 3.  I usually remember on Thursday or Friday, which isn't Tuesday.  😉

3 Little Things I'm Grateful For Today:

1. Jack's Health - I took him back to his cardiologist last week for a check-up and he's doing good.  There are, however, a couple of concerns.  Upon review of updated testing, his heart has not fully recovered since we've put him on medications for his heart disease.  That's slightly concerning.  He has also lost a pound which he doesn't need to lose. (per his cardiologist he is the PERFECT weight with PERFECT teeth, lol)  We had bloodwork run and it came back looking very good.  So, although there could be something (cancer, etc.) that hasn't presented itself as of yet, we are counting our blessings and remaining cautiously optimistic about his health.  He's been eating a weight control food for years so I've begun mixing it with a higher fat food (which he LOVES) to see if he can gain weight.  If so, I am told he is likely ok and will be rechecked in 6 months.

2. Warmer Temps - we've been blessed with upper 30's and low 40's the last couple of days and it has been soooooo nice.

3.  Oranges - (especially Cara Cara and Sumo) is there anything better then citrus during winter?  They taste amazing on a cold, wintery day.

What 3 little things top your gratitude list today?


  1. Books that help me escape.
    Sleeping like a stone.
    Brilliant sunshine on a chilly day.

  2. So here I am thinking Jack is your husband......

  3. firewood...for those chilly days & nights
    Bailey...our sweet (former stray) dog so full of love
    snow...so beautiful (and bringing snow days from school, always a treat!)

  4. I've been cutting up a cold orange in the afternoons here at the moment and they are so delicious. Have a great week.


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