Tuesday's Three


3 little things I'm grateful for today:

1. The medications that allow Oliver to continue living a very good life, despite numerous significant health issues.

Oliver LOVES the sunshine!

2.  Rain!  We were excited to receive a bit today and may get more later.  Fingers crossed!

3.  Our outdoor grill.  I can't believe how much I use it in summer so that I don't have to heat up the kitchen.  I use the side burner to cook any stovetop foods and the grill itself for proteins, veggies, fruit, quesadillas, and pizza!  

What little things top your gratitude list today?


  1. Sweet Oliver! I've always been partial to pups.

    Today, I'm grateful for getting to spend the day with my sister, for the rain we're currently getting, and that our two "extra" roosters went to a good home yesterday. It is significantly quieter around here today.

  2. Ample rain.

    Wild blackberries.

    Being home.

  3. Health - grateful to be able to do what needs doing

    My little milkhouse - almost spruced up, a place to hopefully sell my cottage foods and a place were I can sit, listen to the birds, and quiet my noisy brain.

    Barn swallows - this is the first year I've seen their nests in our barn. I just love watching them swoop across the yard and fields.


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