Chicken Keeping

The Coop girls of Cobble Hill Farm are a great group of chickens, full of personality.  They spend their days pecking & scratching around the property as well as happily chatting and gossiping.  They are easy to care for and absolutely adore attention.  They enjoy daily "treats" who get particularly excited if it's freshly made oatmeal with blueberries or leftover mac & cheese (they are carb-loving girls) .  And garden clean-up duty is the highlight of their year.

We've learned a lot in our chicken-keeping years and have built a small library, here, to share our experiences and tips with all of you.  I hope you can find answers to any of your questions, but certainly reach out with a comment or email should you not find the answers here.

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The Chicken Coop At Cobble Hill Farm
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baby2007 said...

I have 18 hens and 1 rooster and I have a question my hens are all without feathers on their backs. Is this due to the rooater? Or due I have another problem? They are contained in a large fenced area with a lg coop for shelter.

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Sorry - I tried to respond via email but your email isn't attached to your user name. Yes, it's definitely from your rooster. They make something called a "chicken saddle" or a "chicken apron" which is a cloth with elastic bands to go over their back and protect it from getting the feathers pulled out if you prefer not to see their poor bare backs. :) Hope this helps!!