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What if you could live a life that you love?  Debt-free, cash in the bank, all while eating well and living an amazing life?

This is YOUR life.  This is YOUR chance.

No matter what your age, you have every opportunity to do exactly that.  Living on a budget doesn't have to mean missing out on things.  It doesn't mean that switching to natural products is for others.  You can do this while counting your pennies!  Instead, living by a budget means getting your priorities straight and your finances secured.

And you'll find the tools to guide you in doing just that right here.

This is an encouraging community that offers a number of tips, techniques, recipes and tutorials to help you eat very well on less, get and live debt-free, simplify your life, switch to natural living for less, cook healthy and from scratch, and create your own good life.

I want to foster a desire of discovering your own goals and building your own path.  In this space you will find recipes, ideas, and tutorials to use on your own journey.

You can read more about me and my own journey here.

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  2. You can begin by reading posts on the home page - these are the most current things I've published.  Or, if you would like to read something specific, like 9 Small Steps Toward Minimalism (from a former shopaholic), Real Food Made Simple: Making The Switch or 12 Things You Can Do To Change Your Life, you can either use the search bar on the right-hand side, or browse the category (listed on the menu bar above).
  3. Do you meal plan?  If not, or if it is a struggle for you, check out my easy peasy how-to posts.  Why should you meal plan?  Start with the 6 reasons EVERYONE should meal plan post (spoiler alert - this one tool allowed us to pay off our debt completely!) and The ULTIMATE Step-By-Step Beginner's Guide To Meal Planning.
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