How To Improve A Boxed Cake Mix

Yes, it's true.  I, from time-to-time, bake with a boxed cake mix.  I feel as though this is a confession......hello, my name is Staci and I bake with boxed cake mixes from time-to-time.

Even my mother was surprised by this news.  There are times, however, when life gets hectic and the hubby wants a dessert and, well, this is what I turn to.  So, I keep 2 boxes of mix on hand.  I have found that with a few simple switches/additions you can definitely improve the flavor and texture of a mix.

To any boxed cake mix you can add/substitute:
  • add an extra egg
  • substitute the water called for in the recipe with milk {same amount as is called for}
  • substitute the oil called for in the recipe with melted butter {same amount as is called for}
  • add a small box of instant pudding {added with the cake mix}
  • add extract {1 teaspoon of your favorite extract}
Follow the instructions on the box.
These alternatives add a little more of a rich taste and improves the texture.
You can try some substitutions/additions or all - give it a try and see what you think!

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