Welcome to Cobble Hill Farm!

Our homestead is in upstate NY at the foothills of the beautiful Adirondack Mountains.  We live in a small farmhouse on less than an acre where we grow and raise some of the food we consume, make much of what we eat and use from scratch, and enjoy living a slower lifestyle.

I’m Staci and together with my husband, I’m living and embracing a lifestyle that is best described as simple and homemade.  Breaking free of the work-spend-borrow lifestyle that is typical in today’s world, slowing down, and learning to live an intentional life has been a journey that I’ve enjoyed immensely.  Learning to be content has been life changing.

When I first started on this path, I didn’t realize there are no hard and fast rules to living simply.  I was excited to learn that I could create my own adventure.  And create I have done!  Simple living doesn’t mean that you must become a minimalist.  It simply means that the things you own and surround yourself with should have meaning to you.  Learn to become intentional about what you choose to buy and what you choose to part with.

My hope is that I can inspire you to create your own version of a simple homemade life.  Simple living isn’t a one-size-fits-all journey, so I encourage you to embrace the things that resonate with you and leave the rest.


What You’ll Find Here:

Our simple homemade life includes gardening, cooking from scratch, dipping our toes into a homesteading lifestyle, and embracing a slower, intentional way of living, so these are the topics that I write about.  You’ll find recipes, simple living and homemaking tips, stories about our day-to-day life, and more.


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