Hey there! My husband and I ditched the city almost a decade ago to try our hand at a simple, homemade life in the country. Around here we grow much of our own produce, cook almost every single meal from scratch, hang our laundry on the line to dry, and share a love of our home and land.

But our life wasn't always this way.

Over the last few years we've learned two important lessons - 
1. life is short so working hard to purchase lots of things - including larger homes and expensive cars isn't the life we want to live, and 
2. managing our money wisely provides an enormous amount of options for how we can live our life.  

In fact, it has allowed us to achieve a dream we thought would always remain a dream because of our moderate income - living & working on our small homestead.

Our Story
We were living the only life we'd known, knee-deep in debt and on the work-to-spend treadmill.  It was a life of excess that was becoming very unfulfilling and overwhelming.  I came across an article about the voluntary simplicity movement and it immediately resonated with me.  I didn't realize at the time that implementing it would take years, but I held it close to my heart as a lifestyle to continue to fight for and strive toward.

By 2012 I was working for a company that I struggled with and I did not enjoy it one bit.  My husband and I began to dream about someday working for ourselves, assuming it would remain just a dream.  Enter frugality, contentment, and the need for less.....

After some research I learned that by incorporating frugality and judicious money management into our life in addition to becoming much better stewards of what we had, we could spend less, work-to-save, and have a much greater quality of life.  This was completely opposite than the way I'd been raised.  My life until that point had been mindless consumerism with a focus on working to buy more and more.  The idea of simple living coupled with a new found term (for me) of contentedness was the game changer I needed.  It became the perfect anecdote to our drive for material perfection.

Over the next couple of years we learned to live below our means, do more with what we earned, desire less things, and, ultimately, become much healthier and happier in the process.  And it's been a process.

A long story short, we started a soap & skincare business and within a couple years of beginning the business it took off and allowed my husband to leave his career first and then I joined him 2 years later.  While working my corporate job I was incredibly stressed, unhappy, and burned out and had been too scared of leaving the security of a regular paycheck to quit.  And then one day I did just that.  And you know what?  I've truly never been happier.  It can be scary at times but our new life allows us to take time for ourselves, fosters lower stress and increased peace, and a mindset of gratitude.

Because we'd reduced our needs and, therefore, spending and focused on changing our mindset, we now live a life that we love every single day.

Thank you so much for stopping by!!