5 Reasons Why You Need Backyard Chickens - Today!

Raise Chickens

Ok, so the title is a tad bit dramatic.  However, if you don't currently raise chickens, you just don't know what you're missing.  Full of personality, these lovable feathered critters add a ton of enjoyment to your home.  Here are my top 5 reasons to add them:

1.  They Are Easy To Raise
     Sure, they need shelter, food and water, but beyond that, they really are pretty easy.  Once they are pullets, that is.  If you are raising from chicks they take a bit more work until they have feathers and can go out in their coop.  After that, give them shelter to get out of the rain and sun, a steady source of water, and lots of yummy and healthy food and they will be one happy flock.  If you can find time daily to spend with them, they'll be thrilled to tell you all about your day.

2.  They Provide Inexpensive Entertainment
      Watching chickens, I'm convinced, is a past-time we should all partake in.  I think it lowers your blood pressure {this is not medical advice....}to watch the crazy antics they come up with and allows yourself to de-stress.  A coop is a small colony full of all different personalities.  You'll have the passive ones, the aggressive ones {and certainly the passive-aggressive ones}, the high-strung, the lazy, the talkative, the know-it-all and the rebel.  They'll show their personalities quite quickly and you'll enjoy watching the way they interact.

3.  They Provide Compost
     Free for the taking - your garden will love it!  Spread it in your garden each Fall and by Spring you'll till it up and it will be ready to go.  Also, it's a great addition to a compost pile.

4.  They Eat Leftovers & Bugs
     For the most part, they can eat a good majority of leftover food, weeds you pull from the garden and flower beds, insects, etc.  If you are able to let them free-range, they will keep your insect population down.  Ticks, spiders, grubs and more will be discovered and feasted on regularly.  We keep a small bucket in either the refrigerator or freezer and add leftovers to it for a few days.  Veggie ends and peels {not potatoes unless cooked}, extra rice/salad/starch/fruit/etc., old bread products, crushed eggs shells, and more will be loved and adored by your flock.  They will in turn give you #5.

5. Fresh Eggs!
     There is nothing better than going out your backdoor and retrieving farm-fresh eggs.  Particularly comforting is the fact that you know exactly what they ate and how they were treated.  Your yolks will be bright yellow and they will taste delicious.

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  1. Sooooo true! That's why I love my chickens too! Wonderful post! xox

  2. Yes, yes! And I have Reason #6. Apparently now because of the bird flu epidemic going on, the price of eggs is ridiculous. I stood behind someone in line the other day (SouthWest GA) and a carton of eggs was $3.60.

    Seriously? I spoke up, of course, and told the nice young man he needed to get him some chickens!!

    You're right about the yellow yolks too. My city visitors come and can't believe how yellow the scrambled eggs are. :)

    We eat our guinea and duck eggs too, all taste great in an omelette.

    Hooray for chickens!!

  3. I want some so badly. Trying to talk my husband into it. Please, please, please. :)

  4. I agree with you up to number 5....I don't eat eggs! I'd have to find a steady market before I'd invest

  5. We are looking forward to the day when we can have chickens. Our current situation doesn't allow for it. We've learned a lot from you on the subject! ;0D

  6. thanks so much all! Linda - I'm sure it wouldn't be hard to find others who could enjoy those farm-fresh eggs. :)


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