Oliver Update Take 2

Oliver had his MRI this morning at 9a.m. and was in surgery by 10a.m.  There really was no choice.  He had a severely herniated disc in his neck that the surgeon said is causing him an extreme amount of pain.  After the surgery we were told there was a lot of "stuff" in there that was removed and he will definitely be feeling better by tonight.

We certainly hope so.

He has now been transferred to the Emergency Clinic for the weekend.  We plan to pick our little guy up Monday afternoon.

Our surgeon has alerted us to additional discs he is concerned about.  He is no longer allowed to go up or down stairs, rough house or jump on or off furniture.  J will be putting a ramp off of the deck for them.  We'll be making them both abide by these rules.

Emerson is trying to hang in there, but boy is he upset.  We've looked into pet insurance for him since so far Emerson has only been diagnosed with pancreatitis.

The reality is this.  Oliver has hip dysplasia, issues with his back right knee AND IVDD.  Emerson is his litter mate.  They both have the same genes.......  They may both need multiple spinal surgeries over their lifetime so, since we cannot insure Oliver, we certainly need to consider Emerson.  At $6500.00 $8000.00 per surgery {cash - no payment plans for this and we don't use any credit cards}, minimum, it's something we are definitely looking into.  Have any of you had experience with pet insurance?

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers.  Keep 'em coming - he needs all the help he can get going through his recovery.


  1. I am glad to hear that his surgery went well. I know how expensive medical bills can be for pets... Which means I will be showing my support by buying goods from the Apothecary.

    Continued prayers and support to all of you.

    Love Always,

  2. You are so sweet Rebecca - thank you!! As you know, Oliver is the only one taking an income from the business at this point. :) Hopefully he lets the rest of us get paid someday too!!

  3. Glad he will be feeling better soon. Continued prayers...

  4. I dropping by to see how your boys is doing. I'm glad the surgery went well for Oliver, and I'm hoping he's healing uneventfully!

    We do not have insurance for all of our dogs because we have adopted them at an older age, making it really expensive. Too expensive actually. However, we do have it for Todd, and have "Embrace Insurance" which we hope will help us save him in an emergency.

    I hope you're getting your rest too, take care!!

  5. Check out -Two French Bulldogs- blog. I remember she talked about insurance for her dogs. Could be a place to start.
    My Pug and i are still sending good ju ju your way.

  6. Thank you Daisy. Kim - I can only imagine how expensive it would be for insurance to cover your whole crew. Thanks for the info and well wishes!! Jenny - thank you very much!!


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