This Month On The Homestead: April 2018 - New Chicks, New Kitchen, and Beautiful Weather!

If you’re just tuning in, this is a brand new ongoing series in which I document each month of our lives in our transition to a simple, homemade life on a modern homestead. We ditched town and moved to the country in 2008 and we blog about both our successful and not-so-successful ventures in homesteading, switching to natural products, and embracing a whole foods lifestyle.  Check out the entire series here.

We got so incredibly lucky in April - we had very little mud!!  We were so relieved as it's usually so darned messy and disgusting.  Although it was a cooler than average month, the end of the month temp's were 70's and sunny for the most part.  Do you notice how much happier everyone is when it's 70's and sunny?

The kitchen is coming along.  The window is in (trim still needs to be completed), countertops are in, and sink and faucets are in.  I love them all. 

Flooring is in progress as I type and cabinets are scheduled for next week.  After that all that will be left is finishing the trim.  The goal, of course, is to have everything done by the second week in June because we will have absolutely no time to devote to it again until fall. 

I think we'll hit our mark......

a jumbo egg on the left and 2 large eggs on the right

Well you've seen photos of the (adorable) chicks so you know they are here and doing well.  We did have one pass away the first night they were with us.  She was struggling to breathe when we received her so we're pretty sure she had some internal issues.  We kept her comfortable and continued trying to get water and a touch of food down her in hopes it was something she could overcome.  Unfortunately, it was not. 

The others are doing very well and are entertaining us daily.  I love when they realize they have wings.  They run and launch themselves off of one another - it's really adorable.

We will be prepping the coop for their move this weekend.  We have a section of the coop that we can install a temporary "wall" (it's wood and wire) in allowing the newbies to remain separated from the others until they are big enough to defend themselves.  They have their own outdoor access, as well as living and sleeping quarters.

The bigger girls are doing well.  They are generous enough to offer us 14-20 eggs per day.  Which is helpful because we sell those at the market to pay for their feed and "goodies".  They are enjoying more free ranging time now that the weather is so nice.  Of course, with the garden starting to get planted, they are kicked out of that space temporarily and that does not sit well with them.  They harass me when I'm in the garden because they believe they should be able to go wherever they would like.  We have pretty interesting conversations with a couple of them regularly giving me a piece of their mind.



The Dogs
Oliver and Emerson LOVE spending time on the deck.  Let me correct that - Oliver LOVES spending time on the deck.  Emerson tolerates it.  Emerson is obsessed with being with us (it's his obsession of food, not necessarily a fondness of our company) because he is convinced we eat whenever he's not around.  I have no idea why he cares about being around us when we have food - he doesn't get table scraps.  I think he believes there will be a day when we'll just throw a plate of food on the ground and let him at it, and if he's not there, how can that dream ever come to realization?

I'm back to walking them in the park a few days a week.  We are so fortunate to have such a beautiful state park that we can walk in.  We do have a dog park as well, but I'm not a fan.  So we stick to the regular park.  It works out perfectly except when there are horses there.  A few years ago a guy on a horse was being a real jerk and thought it would be funny to keep running his horse toward the boys because he could tell they were intimidated.  He thought it was so funny.  I was, unfortunately, by myself, so I couldn't pick them both up.  Instead I was forced to rush them toward the vehicle as the bully on the horse continued to torment us.  Now, anytime they see horses they are ready to leave.

Jack loves the spring and early summer because the door is open (screen door is closed) and so he spends every waking second of every day attempting his escape to the back deck.  You see, because the screen door has a closer on it, he can sneak by without us noticing, and get out before the door actually closes.  Once out he rolls lovingly in the dog beds on the back deck.  This lasts for approximately 2.15 minutes and then he realizes "oh crap - I'm outside!!" and panic sets in. 

Every.  Single.  Time. 

It gets a tad frustrating.

He is quite intrigued by the chicks of course.  The photo above was taken as he "supervised" them.  I had them on the picnic table on the lower deck, taking pictures, and Jack was mesmerized.  He was allowed the check them out through the screen but that's it.  He's such a good hunter I would fear their demise in seconds.

The Soap & Skincare Business
Our farmer's market has officially moved outside for the season!!!  It's so exciting because it's just a different vibe when it's outside and we get double the vendors.  We are going to participate in 2 farmer's markets this summer.  We are so excited to be able to attend the Chestertown Market again in addition to the Spa City Market.  We'll also participate in a handful of craft shows that we've really enjoyed as well as trying one or two new ones.

If you would like to see more of our day-to-day, please join us on Instagram.

How was your April?

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  1. Everything seems to be gellin' there. The kitchen is looking good and I'm sure you are mighty pleased with its near completion.

    Glad to see the boys are doing well.

    Enjoy the rest of your week!


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