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It's been a bit unexpectedly hectic this past week.  Our little Oliver has been sick.  This past Sunday I rushed him to the emergency vet because he seemed to have a temp (I did not have a thermometer to check - we now have 2!), was losing his ability to use his back legs, and he vomited that morning and collapsed when he did.  All 3 things had me quite upset so I called his specialty vet (they also do emergency) and told them we were on our way.

What I didn't know was that we were the last clients they were taking for a while as they were completely maxed out.  Another thing I didn't know was that I was in for a 7 hour wait.  Or so it began that way.

When we arrived I was told that a vet tech would meet with us shortly and get Oliver's info.  Sure enough, within a few minutes we were heading to an exam room.  She was very nice and took notes of all I had to offer but I was concerned when she said she didn't think it was necessary to take his temp.  I asked her to please do so and offered to hold him and/or do the temp taking - whichever she preferred.  Thankfully she agreed because as it turns out, it was just over 105 degrees (I believe it should be 101 or 102 for dogs).  She was shocked.

Next she informed me that all of the doctors were maxed and it would be about 7 hours before they could see Oliver.  7 hours!!!  I was told that we had to stay at their offices in order to hold our place - we could not go home and return later.  She also informed me that she was concerned both about Oliver's heart rate (he gets incredibly nervous at any veterinary office since he's had his surgeries) and his temp.  I suggested I give him one of his anti-anxiety meds and we retake both.  She agreed that this was a good idea.  We decided I would bring him out to the car and keep him cool and comfortable.  The plan was for her to come out and take both his heart rate and temp in an hour.

Our plan was changed, however, when Oliver again vomited and collapsed while he was sleeping in the car.  He was still limp as I grabbed him and ran back into the clinic.  I begged the front desk to call a tech to come and help me and they did.  Thankfully, once he was stabilized, they began conducting tests on him right away.  The poor guy underwent bloodwork, x-rays, an ultrasound and urinary testing.

He was diagnosed that evening with pneumonia and immediately put on antibiotics.  By the next morning his temp had dropped a bit and by that night it had returned to normal.  He stayed a total of 2 nights in the hospital and we were able to bring him home Tuesday afternoon.  Thankfully we caught it very early so he did not develop a cough or too much congestion.  His first night home I could hear a bit of a rattle in his chest when he breathed but by the next afternoon it seemed to be clear.

I perform nebulization and coupage on him twice a day to break up any congestion and his medication list for the next 2 weeks is quite long.  I've had to create a checklist to keep it all straight.

I was in the lobby at the emergency vet for quite some time and I'll tell you, it's not a good place to be.  It's heartbreaking, quite frankly.  3 dogs had suddenly become paralyzed, 2 cats suddenly struggled with breathing, 1 dog in congestive heart failure had taken a turn for the worst, and 1 dog was being euthanized because of his ongoing violent seizures (he had one in the lobby - it was absolutely gut-wrenching for him and his parents).  These were just the ones I overheard the details of their visit. 

I was told that between more people utilizing the emergency services and an ongoing staffing shortage, it may be difficult to get into an emergency clinic for some time to come.   This was quite concerning beings we have 2 aging animals who both have health issues.

On a good note, Ollie is starting to get back to his "normal" and has a follow-up appointment with his regular vet in a week and a half.

In other news, the weather is changing!  I am so incredibly happy about fall arriving that I can barely stand it.  All of our windows are open during the day and I'm back to baking, cooking, and the such.  Fall comfort foods are officially on the menu!

The fall garden is coming along ok although it hasn't gotten the attention from me that it deserves.  Because of this it is lacking.  We still get a lot of green beans, a little bit of broccoli, a ton of greens and the beets, carrots and cauliflower will be ready to harvest in the next few weeks.  Tomatoes are coming to an end and the peppers are all grown but we are waiting for those that remain to change from green to orange, yellow and red.  I did not grow any winter squash or brussels sprouts so we'll need to get some from a local farm.

I have a favorite new candle.  It smells incredible!  It's a maple syrup scent and perfect for fall.  It has a wood wick so it crackles as it burns and it burns very clean.  No soot or smoke.  I purchased it at the Vermont Country Store here (not an affiliate link).

The Coop Girls are officially molting.  Poor things.  There are feathers everywhere.  We lost one of the girls this week which we've kind of expected.  They are all older then 5 years old at this point so molting can be a bit difficult on their bodies.  A sad reality.  The rest appear to be doing well so far though.

That's life around here.  I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!


  1. My heart goes out to you. Our vet's office (also where my pup goes for boarding, day care (when needed), and grooming) is terribly backed up, as well, and they frequently end Doctor's hours at noon or 1:00, because they're so backed up. And, while day care was typically available for walk-in's, they now require reservation that is available no more than 48 hours in advance. Thank goodness I'm no longer working full time! I can't imagine having to call every day to reserve day care! And boarding is frequently booked up weeks in advance. Makes any planning for out of town travel difficult. My best to you and your family and continued prayers for your pup's improving health.
    Lori K

  2. Glad your pup is okay...gosh 7 hours as an emergency. That Autumn scenery is a stunning image. I have a candle with the woodle stick/wick too and love the crackling sound too. Hope you have a better week this week.

  3. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Ollie's ordeal. Glad they were able to diagnose and get him on the road to recovery. Continued healing...

    I really need to check out The Vermont Country Store. Looks like a fabulous place.

    Our girls are molting too, but I'm glad they are doing it now instead of in the dead of winter!

    Hope your week is less eventful, in a good way. ;0D

  4. Thank you for taking such good care of your 'baby'. They give us such joy and they need us so when they age - It's wonderful to see that you're there for them.
    Is that the Neversink river or another?

    I really appreciate your posts,

  5. Thank you so much all. I really appreciate it! Oliver is looking better and acting more "normal" every day.

    Pat - I believe that is Adirondack Lake. I took it in Indian Lake, NY and I'm pretty sure that was the lake we stopped at. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. I'm sorry to hear about now you've probably had your follow-up appointment; I hope all is well and he's feeling stronger. I know that times like this are so hard...when we invite them into our homes, they really become a part of our family. Keep us posted on how he's doing. Yes, it's time to put the garden to bed...and I must say I'm glad. It's been a good harvest, but I'm worn out! The candle sounds great...I love the ones with crackling wicks. It's the perfect little thing to make the house cozy. I'll be shopping your mercantile soon...I'd like to get a jump on some holiday gifts. Enjoy the week...snuggle in with Ollie! Mary

  7. So glad to hear that your little Ollie is on the mend. We were the family saying goodbye to our old boy 3 weeks ago. It was heartbreaking but we knew it was time as he had incurable cancer and was in pain. He was almost 16 years and had a wonderful life full of love and luxury.
    Pets are such an important part of the family. I love reading your news from the other side of the world. Sending love.

  8. Thank you Mary. Actually his follow-up appointment is next week but he is doing well so I expect it will be good news. I hear ya about an exhausting year of planting and harvesting. It's so nice to get a break and prepare ourselves for the excitement of the next season.

    Thanks so much Karen and I'm so sorry to hear about your guy. It really is heartbreaking when the end comes. Hugs to you!


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