My Favorite Season


oh, hello october!  

the perfect month for driving backroads, 

picking the last of the orchard and gardens, 

embracing the warmth of the pellet stove,

making sweaters and wool socks my daily uniform,

and taking down dead trees before they fall on their own when the winds pick up.

it's my favorite season. 💗


  1. Fall looks so pretty Staci, lovely captures. Have a good week. Kathy

  2. Goodness, that's beautiful! It's like a party going on outside your window :o). Aren't back roads grand? They're always my preference. Stay cozy!

  3. Kathy - thank you so much! Wishing you a wonderful week as well!!

    Laurie - I LOVE that - a party outside our window indeed. Yes, we love the backroads as well. Thanks so much!!

  4. I couldn’t agree more - your thoughts are spot on! Can I add it’s a joy to not be weeding and having no humidity?! It looks lovely there - I hope it’s a long autumn- for me, it’s perfect. Enjoy your weekend - do something just for you.

  5. Thanks Mary! It IS a joy to not be weeding or dealing with humidity, you are sooooo right!!


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