Hoping those of you who are mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day!

It was a partly nice weekend and a partly chilly & wet weekend.  This weather means the garden continues to grow.  I have yet to actually plant anything for this growing season, so the only greenery are the items I planted in Fall and those that return year after year.  Strawberries, blueberries, horseradish, elderberries, Asian pears, garlic, carrots, asparagus and onions are all coming up.

The Coop Girls had their noses beaks bent out of shape on Saturday.  J decided to evict the chicks from his shop and made room for their crate in the coop.  I was cleaning the house and when I went to wash the windows I saw the chicks being moved, two-by-two, to a temporary outdoor coop.  Hmmm....I thought maybe he was allowing them some time in the sun.

Yes and no.

The Chicks Have Names!!

We have 12 new layer hens which means we need 12 new chicken names.  As you know, I'm big on names and they have to be just right.  They are starting to develop enough that I feel like I can properly name them.  :)

Here they are:

  • Bethany
  • Charlotte
  • Eve
  • Stella
  • Nelly
  • Adele
  • Tilly
  • Mia
  • Annie
  • Avery
  • Grace
  • Sofia

I will try to get photos of them all up soon!

Other chicken-keeping posts:




Saturday was spent outside by all of us.  Even Jack.  Yes, Jack is an "indoor cat" but, as you know, Jack does what Jack wants to do and Jack wanted to come outside so he kept sneaking out.

All. Day. Long.

Every time anyone went in or out we had to look for him.  You don't even see him working his way through your legs and the next thing you know he is casually peering over the deck, looking as though this is a daily occurrence.

It's not even an occasional occurrence so he was continually plopped back into the house.  It did NOT make him happy.

Oliver and Emerson have been spending a lot of time outside lately.  And let me tell you, our side street is well supervised by the greatest supervisor ever {self-appointed}......Oliver.  None of the drivers get away without being told what to do by him.  And boy does he worry about the mailman!

farm fresh eggs from the Coop Girls

spending time with the Coop Girls

Coop Girl Hazel
 Needless to say the Coop Girls have been loving the weather.  The dust-bathing, sun-bathing, worm hunting {and mice hunting....}, scratching and pecking that goes on this time of the year is exhausting to watch.  But they sure do enjoy it.


Asian Pear Tree

our found Robin's egg

asparagus has arrived!

  Spring is definitely here and all the critters {and the people too} are enjoying days full of sunshine.  With sun comes the desire to work outside and with working outside comes, well - apparently, cutting down trees.  Again.  Half of this duo thinks surprising the other half with a chopped down tree or two {minus conversation prior} is a nice way of welcoming said other half home.

Not. so. much.





 It's been a bit since I've written a weekend post, or any post at all.  March was a crazy-busy month in my work life.  A lot of travel, even longer work days than the typical 11 hour day, and weekends full of work too.  So, basically, March was a month of work.

And now the Spring sun is out, and work gets a bit more balanced, and there's time {albeit not much} for fun things.

Delicious Make-Ahead Blueberry Muffins {Plus Freezing Instructions}

Remember all of those blueberries I put in the freezer last summer?  This is one of the recipes I hoarded stocked up on them for.  These are moist and delicious with just the right blend of blueberries and lemon. I make these up ahead of time and freeze for use during the week {freezer instructions at the end of the recipe}.  Then, a couple mornings a week I throw a few in the oven and we have fresh-baked blueberry muffins.  A delicious start to the day!

Cinnamon Rolls

This is, by far, an absolute favorite recipe in this household.  While you can certainly take a shortcut and use store bought frozen bread dough as the base, making it from scratch is really not too difficult or time consuming and it's soooooo worth it.


We were pleasantly surprised to see the Spring Issue of Saratoga Mama delivered to the building our Winter Farmer's Market is held in.  And who do you think is featured on pages 18-19????

Thank you Saratoga Mama!!!

{you can read the full magazine here}


This weekend has been all about the Saratoga Springs Home Show.  They added a fine arts and crafts floor this year and we were thrilled to get in.  Needless to say that 3 days of shows made for a very full weekend.  We did really well though, so it was more than worth it.  What I really enjoyed was
that it was great for selling AND buying.  I bought an Air Plant for my office at work from ReVibe Yourself and candles from our good friend Sue of Adirondack Soy Candle.

Hoping To See You.....

We will be at the Saratoga Springs Home & Lifestyle Show this weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY!

Admission to the show is free and we will be upstairs in the Fine Arts & Crafts section.

Hope to see you there!

The Homemade Pantry: Vanilla Extract

Neither of us drink alcohol although you'd never guess that if you look in my kitchen cupboards.  We store beer and wine for soap, tequila for tequila-lime chicken, bourbon for bourbon ham and vodka for vodka sauce and for this.

I've been hooked on making my own vanilla extract for a few years now.  If you've looked at some of the extracts on the